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  1. Hello everyone! I'm about to start my 2nd course of accutane and I figured I might as well keep a log of my progress. I suppose I should start this off by saying I don't really need to take accutane again. Before my first course I had moderate to severe acne and definitely needed to take it, but the first course cleared me up nicely after being on it for roughly 6 months and for a while after finishing I didn't break out at all and everything was good. That was 2 years ago. Since then my acne ha
  2. fml. I wrote this big long post and then accidentally hit refresh. Oh well long story short its day idk! I'm on like month four... Or maybe five... Idk but MY HAIR IS CURLY and apparently that's a thing on accutane and no one in my family has curly hair so it has to be the accutane... But I don't really care... I just gotta rock what I got! And I can do that... But be warned! If you have a strange hatred of curly hair than accutane might not be the best option to consider!
  3. I know what you mean about the cuts! And does it take forever for them to go away? It's like that for me... Also throughout the course (I'm about 4 1/2 months in) I've had back pain but recently it's gotten really bad! Do you get back pain? And wow you're only getting bumped up to 40 mgs? That's the level I started at! And I've been on 60 mgs for the past 2 and I still am this month... And my Dr said that was a little bit below the usual amount(?) weird... But next month she said she might bump
  4. yikes! ok the camera on my ipod was broken and i just got it fixed and i looked through the front faceing view at myself and UGH IT MADE ME LOOK AWFUL! idk if apple put in some special technology where it shows every zit i've ever had.... like ever! or what but i know i don't look that bad in real life! or at least i don't look that bad in a mirror.... idk whats up but ugh that was depressing
  5. Well it's been like freakig 3 weeks since I last posted! But yeah! I had my derm appointment yesterday and I'm still gonna be on 60 mg for month 4... But yeah today's like day 92(?) yeah I'm pretty sure it's 92... JEEZ IM SORRY FOR NOT POSTING IN A WHILE if anyone's actually reading this but yeah! I'm like clear right now! Yay! I get small pimples occasionally! But yeah I'm pretty clear! And I have some dark spots but I bought gariner dark spot correcter yesterday at the grocery store! And I go
  6. Ok so days 71, 72, 73, 74, and 75 so ugh I broke out yesterday and I haven't broken out in a while so it realllllly sucks! I thought I was done breaking out! Ugh so I currently have 3 scabs on my cheek a big whitehead and a small bump on my forehead... Ok well I remember reading something that said benzoyl peroxide thickened your skin... Well I'm thinking... Maybe my skin is always so red and bad looking because after a year of retionols and now accutane it's Just too thin! Idk I know they both
  7. Wow... WORST MONDAY EVER! remember how i was up late doing hwk? well i didn't finish the project i was working on and i had to bring my laptop to school and i spent my hour long lunch and an hour and a half long class doing it... i like didn't get a break at all! but i did get to leave school early to go to the doctor.... which was good but ouch... the good was that my ingrown toenail is now out and it doesn't hurt anymore! but the bad is that i had to have a little mini-surgery to get it out wh
  8. umm idk the concentrations but it def had salicylic acid and lactic acid... umm my face is always red but it didn't get any redder and there wasn't any discomfort or anything... it was nice... but yeah.... oh my gosh! does anyone here watch glee? if so remember that one episode from season one when they all took decongestants for energy!? well i have a CRAPPPP LOAD OF HWK and so i took 2 and i have RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF ENGERY LIKE NOT EVEN KIDDING! oh my gosh! so yeahhh i decided to come over
  9. ok.... well today is Day 69.... and well well well what a fun day .... i'm sitting in my bathroom with my foot soaking in epsom salt cause of my stupid in grown toe nail... and it HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH I HATE IT! seriously! it's ridiculous! but i'm gonna go to the doctor either tomorrow or the next day... yeah... oh the homecoming dance was sooooo much fun last night like i can't even dance but i still did anyway and it was fun... (i like took sooo much ibuprofen so my foot wouldn't hurt) but y
  10. days 65, 66, 67, and 68... arg i really need to work on posting every day... but whatever homework is crazy now that i'm going to nerd school.... anyways! yeah i'm like SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER CLEAR! i got a small whitehead today but i popped it and put hydrogen peroxide on it and it's pretty much gone now... oh and so i got an ingrown toe nail which has never happened to me before and it was stupid but i got rid of it, but while i was looking for epsom salt to put soak it in i found this "phil
  11. She gave me "cerave moisturizing lotion" and "cerave PM" but I ended up buying the big tub of "cerave moisturizing cream" which I'm loving
  12. Day 64 ok so it's day 64... yeah... really nothing to update... like at all.... yeah.... how is everyone else doing?
  13. Ok so i am definetly liking this new interface! like for real! it'll take some getting used to but it's definetly sexier! ok so jeez i've been hesitent to post casue of all the changes they've been making to the boards but it looks safe now so here it goes: Days 60, 61, 62 and 63. ok well yeah! ok i had a SUPER AMAZING WEEKEND! AND I'M SUPER PSYCHED ABOUT THE RESULTS I'M FINALLY GETTING! SERIOUSLY I'M 99% CLEAR! LOVING THIS!! except all the left over spots... but whatever! thats what "fade crea
  14. Day 59 ugh today wasn't good! Like not at all.... I got in a fight with a "friend"... Well it was my fault but they were annoying me and I only said the truth but whatever... Also my other friends were annoyed with me at lunch but I didn't think I was being annoying... Idk when people are mean to me I feel ugly and today I felt SO UGLY! which made me depressed... And also I got a not-pathetic whitehead today so that sucks.... Ugh and I have to wake up early on Saturday to do something stupid an
  15. Days 57 and 58 bum bum bum well yesterday (day 57) i went to the derm and it was the usual... they asked me how i was doing, counted out all my actives and said awesome see you next month! so yeah... although before she walked out i asked her for a moisturizer reccomendation... and she said cerave like i thought and then she gave me some samples and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! it seriously rocks! it's like a super super moisturizer that isn't even greasy! serioiusly like it! but yeah! ugh i got really d