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  1. Hi everyone- I, like all of you, suffered from acne (notice the past tense). I went to my Derm, he put me on 2 different antibiotics and neither worked so the last option was Accutane. I'm just going to get straight to the point with the good and the bad (won't mention dry skin and lips that's to be expected) Good I don't suffer from acne any more and as a result my self esteem is at an all time high. I get the occasional normal bumps here and there but nothing like before. I suffered from
  2. I've had 15 tabs for a week and I haven't taken them but only because I feel my IB is done. Im saving them in case I breakout again but I've heard great things about Pred.
  3. I heard that you should wait at least a month after you finish, if you want to do activities such as sun soaking, whether natural or artificial. Personally, I would wait a month. Im in my 2nd month at a higher dosage and my skin isn't flaking at all so I wouldn't use that as a gauge to see if you're ready for a sunbed.
  4. No benzoyl as soon as you start accutane
  5. Basically there was an indention not that large. But now where the indention was its smoother. Before I could run my finger across the right side of my nose and I could feel the small pothole. Now its evened out so yeh its healed.
  6. Im in my 2 nd month now. From the 2nd to the 4th week I brokeout in the worse possible spot imo; the nose. I had 1 old crater just above my right nostril and acne filled the crater and the surrounding areas. Since then the acne has gone away but to my surprise the crater is now 80% filled. Anyone else had any weird positive experiences on accutane?
  7. For dry lips I take vitamin E and I use aquaphor and dr dans cortibalm
  8. I take the eba multivitamin it has everything but A
  9. I was on Doxy until I was prescribed Accutane. I stopped Doxy the day before I started Acutane and my doc said that was ok. I would keep taking the Doxy because I would fear a major breakout if I stopped for a month.
  10. I've heard of olive oil for your hair but not for your face. I would be a little nervous to put olive oil on my face.
  11. 2 weeks of pred is actually a low dose at 20mg.
  12. My doctor prescribed me Prednisone to handle inflammation and IB. I've had the prescription for about 5 days but I havent taken it. Im scared that my acne will subside but when my prescription runs out I'll have a major breakout and my face will look worse. I was given a 2 week supply of Pred and I'm currently starting my 2nd month on Claravis. Any pred stories or information out there? Thanks