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  1. Mannzee

    WHAT DO I DO !!!!

    Someone help me decide what i should do !! I had no new spots appear again today just one old pustule hanging around, is this actually a miracle ?? I'm sure my skin will get used to the Dianette and get worse again but if it doesnt do i really wana go through four months of Roaccutane What do you think can someone give me advice, i havent had skin this clear for over 6 years i cant believe it will continue im so confused as to which road to take ? HELP
  2. Mannzee

    No Change

    Not alot to report today I have a couple of whiteheads that have appeared on my shoulder blades, i never normally suffer with Acne/spots anywhere but my face, I'm sure this is just due to the hot weather. Is anyone reading my Blog ? i will continue to try and upload a picture Grrrrrr !!!
  3. I am again un able to stay off this web site and stop thinking about Acne. Im very confused right now. I havent had any Pustules for about 8 days now, this is unusaul for me, i seem to be getting white heads just as often (which are smaller and create much much smaller scars - almost bearable) ......As you know NON acne sufferers would freak out at finding 2 or 3 small white heads appearing on a daily basis but to me this is liveable compaired to the big pustules and papules. (please excu
  4. Mannzee

    Day 22 - Pain is back :(

    im 29 and just about to start my course but your blog sp far is reminding me so much of the first time i did a course !! not good bad memories coming up here but no pain no gain I just wanted to say that i often notice my acne form in little clusters or in lines, its so odd and i wonder if there actually is a reason for this ? Really liking your Blog tho, hope things are good now,
  5. I am 11 days off the treatment now and it's on my mind almost constantly ! After being on Dianette i think it may have made a small change, i think my puss filled spots have gotten SLIGHTLY smaller, certainently not fewer in quantity but definately a bit smaller. I was out on Saturday and i could feel the spots on my chin that were not there when i left the house developing, this is unusual, i normally wake up to find new spots rather than notice them actually forming during the day. occ
  6. I had my Tragus pierced and it was perminanlyl infected for 14 months, i took 2 courses of antibiotics but nothing really cleared it up.About 10 months in i swapped the metal bar for a plastic one and i didnt touch it or clean it with salt or come anywhere near it and it healed !!I had everyone i know moaning at me that is was never going to heal and i should take it out but i refused. (i did not go through getting that pierced with no knumbing for nothing)I had a lump next to the hole for 12 mo
  7. anyone else struggeling to upload a picture

    1. Sorry to be the 20th person or so to bug you about this but i would like you to PM me the details of this company too i'm 29 and still suffering and will try anything at this point Thank you x
    2. I know how you feel i'm on my 3rd dose of Roaccutane now (well i will be starting on 6th of May) I hate being around people but have the advantage of waking make up on. Please let me know what your dermatologist says, youre from the UK yeah ? Look up lumine Brightlight this is red and blue LED's that help the skin the light box/device cost about £150 but i reckon this could work and im goin to invest in it when i finish my roaccutane
    3. Hi My name is Zoe and i am 2 Weeks away from starting another course of Roaccutane. I have suffered from Acne since the age of 14-15 and i took a course of Roaccutane at 20 which helped for a couple of years, since then then my Acne has varied in harshness from not too bad to its current state - pretty bad, i'd say my face is currently 50-69% covered in acne . Some weeks these are little puss filled spots some days they are larger and feel like a pea under the skin, some days they itch som