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  1. I have similar ones on my right cheek ..I wish they were on my forehead coz at least I'd be able to cover them with bangs .
  2. Why are you even derma rolling? I saw your pic, you don't have any scars :P

    1. I never broke out from make-up/cosmetics. I recently stopped wearing it for two weeks and my breakouts were back again! I only used to get that occasional pimple when it was that time of the month but just when I thought I'd let my skin breathe a bit and stop wearing makeup for a while I start getting painful bumps lurking underneath my skin...really makeup doesn't aggravate my skin..I really can't seem to figure out what triggers my breakouts. Besides, I only use concealer mainly for redness an
    2. I've been on Doxy for almost 4 months now. I only got that occasional pimple when it was that time of the month and it was a normal pimple with a head, nothing cystic or anything of the sort. Lately, however, I started getting under the surface bumps...the headless bumps. It's frustrating! Ive had two under the skin bumps for a week now and one emerged a couple of days ago. I dunno if I should discontinue antibiotics,,,they're obviously not as effective ad they used to be when I first started ta
    3. I went to this derm yesterday and he refused to perform TCA cross on my scars :/ hes like TCA cross is pure poison and that I should go home n google the long term dangers and side effects of TCA cross n that it leaves permanent dark spots on the individually treated scars plus i should neber attempt to do it on my own etc etc He offered another treatment which is subsicion combined with laser...I think I should order some TCA cross acid and do it on my own!
    4. What type of scars respond to subsicion? Does it only work on rolling n boxcars? What about icepicks? Also what do you guys mean by depression I mean does subsicion make indents more depressed or what exactly? What's the downtime ? The ones who witnessed improvements,, what kind of improvement as in the bottom of the scar is more raised? Can subsicion be performed after laser treatment or should it be the initial step in treating scars before laser?
    5. Can TCA cross cause further scarring ?
    6. I've read some really negative discouraging reviews stating that downtime with TCA cross is 2-4 weeks n that you're not supposed to wash ur face till the scabs form n fall on their own itbmay take a week or more....how can u not wash ur face for a week...but I've also read positive reviews by a member on this board "Reilly"..she had pics included and whoaaa her results are amazing...it seems very promising but the downtime is a lot...also I don't wanna do it on my own I know I'll mess things up.
    7. I clean mine every 5-7 days using baby shampoo...I clean my powder and blusher brushes. Regarding keeping makeup in the fridge,,,should I put my compact powder in the fridge? Does powder get infected with bacteria????
    8. I was wondering,,,can I use sunblock as a primer? Lol cause I don't really wanna apply a shit load of stuff on my face (sunblock, moisturizer, primer, concealer, powder)...that's a lot! So I just apply sunblock wait a bit then apply concealer and finally powder..
    9. So basically nothing works on icepicks except TCA cross and excision? What about those who had success treating their icepicks with eMatrix,,.sassy74 and many others witnessed improvements in their icepick scars with eMatrix, their icepicks lifted up and they continue to fill in as time goes by. I'll personally stick with eMatrix for the time being I still have like 4 more sittings and I'm sure that my icepicks will fill in with time.
    10. so you only had deep/severe scars? do u mind me asking what u did for your acne scars to get that 70% improvement that u said u got? and also, how many years did it take to get that 70% improvement? 5 Subcisions, 11 Fraxels, 10x Dermarolling / Dermastamping in 3 years. Did you have icepicks were they improved ? Also was it fraxel restore or repair?
    11. The way I see it, the only type of scars that can be fully eliminated 100% are saucer scars. Boxcars and deep craters maybe 70-80%. As for icepicks, if you can see the bottom then it can be raised up and eventually turn into boxcars so 50-80%. As for bottomless icepicks deep ones ..I dunno if theyll ever get better.
    12. I'll make sure she uses the following settings in my third session next month: Program level C not less than 50 MJ, mid or high impact with the 64 grid tip in the first round. Second round switch to the 144 grid for a bit of ablation.
    13. I've had my second eMatrix treatment 4 days ago. I'm honestly a tab bit worried. The settings my doc used this time was Program C mid and high impact. But she didnt use the 64 grid tip she used the 144 high density grid and I've read reviews stating that the 144 tip provides 12% surface epidermal ablation and superficial dermal penetration. I feel that I somehow won't benefit from this session cause obviously, 144 doesn't do shit for scars and I have mostly icepicks which require a deeper dermal