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  1. Haha! Yes, it definitely was a compliment. I'm glad it wasn't interpreted as creepy as I don't have the funds to put a downpayment on a white van and unlimited supply of lollies at the moment.
  2. Aw, I just looked Misscha. I live in a hot & humid climate, as well, which makes my skin worse for sure! If it takes getting worse to get better, then this is what is necessary! It's so easy to get down about it - trust me, I've been there & done that - but we're on something that has had beautiful results for so many people and we just need to try to remember that even when things are looking grim. I don't particularly enjoy going to class with a great big pimple on my COLLARBONE of all
  3. *Hugs* Acne and pimples can be avoided by those who devour greasy pizza daily, rarely wash their face and use make-up with dirty sponges and utensils, yet strike those who follow strict regimes and clean diets and do everything in their power to avoid it. I'm sorry you have to go through this, and it is not your fault. If you become pregnant (hopefully I don't for another like, 12 years, haha) people suddenly become perinatal and postnatal experts, issuing their two cents about breast
  4. W O W! Your skin looks *fantastic*. This gives me a lot of hope, because if your before photo is accurate - it is more the persistency than the severity that is problematic? That's sort of my issue. &....it sucks. Also, do you mind me asking how old you actually are? Totally fine if you didn't want to reveal it online, I'm just being curiously nosy. I'd guess like between 21-23. But no, I definitely agree that Accutane hasn't aged you, haha. I'll admit that this was one of my vain co
  5. Hi Katie! I'm 18 & just recently started on Accutane - 20mg a day, also. Like afore mentioned, Accutane is *harsh*, but I would put faith in that your dermatologist knows what she / he is doing. I would encourage you to try and stay at a low dose for as long as possible & be very aware of side effects you may be experiencing. It's week 3 for me and my skin is not overly dry, but I do get dry LIPS. It's absolutely essential to use a lip balm before you go to sleep and a chapstick wit
  6. IB = Initial break out?? I hope it heals up quickly for you! That sucks. My skin is looking better, not worse. I did get three odd pimples, though. One on the bridge of my nose, one just below my chin and one on my collar bone and I NEVER get acne other than my face. Gah! My derm put me on 2 weeks of antibiotics leading up to taking Accutane & 4-6 weeks during the beginning that prevents an initial break out. I'm wondering why this isn't common practice with other people? I hear about i
  7. Wow. (((((((Hugs)))))))) to you, first off. I'm really sorry that you have to go through this burden. I live in Australia so my experiences are not identical to yours, but I too have felt guilt over the costs of Accutane. The drug itself is only $35 a month for me, and fortunately my blood work is all bulk billed, but my dermatologist appointments (monthly) are $150 a pop. That, as a uni student, sucks. To put it frankly. On top of that I am receiving a treatment from my dermatologist at $1
  8. Wow, that must feel awesome to have such great results. Your before pictures look physically painful and were undoubtedly emotionally painful as well & I'm so glad that it worked for you. By the way, I feel compelled to add, & I apologize for the creepiness in advance, your full lips are much to my envy! haha All the best.
  9. Hi, it's my second (nearly third) week of Accutane & I've already seen major improvement with blemishes, but...... my pores are suddenly HUGE. I'm certain that I'm not just imagining it as I've been documenting progress a couple of times a week & can see more visible pores now in photos than I did in previous ones. My pores in real life look huge on my nose and a little onto my cheeks. Is this a common thing to experience & is it temporary or permanent? This sucks.