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  1. I stopped taking 20mg of Accutane in November 2011 after only being on it for 5 months. I've developed ulcerative proctitis and i can't get rid of it and no medication will help. I also have developed eczma on the top of both hands.
  2. I had this too, turned out to be Ulcerative Proctitis. And its been 3 months since i stopped Accutane and its getting worse. I have another appointment with the specialist tomorrow as the medication isn't working. It's horrible.
  3. So it's confirmed - i've got this and my doctor told me its no doubt caused by Roaccutane - he told me to stay away from the drug! http://www.accutanerisks.com/side-effects/ulcerative-proctitis That's the end of my blog!
  4. Just an update to let you all know, I had been going fine on Roaccutane and in to my 5th month of a daily low dose of 20mg. But have stopped as of last week thanks to really bad rectal bleeding - waiting for tests now. I didn't believe all the hoo-haa about the negatives of Roaccutane at first, but now I'm not so sure its all that great....
  5. Hey Ladies, i'm thinking of getting a full body spray tan - can anyone tell me if it will actually help to hide the red marks all over my cheeks, or make them look worse? Im worried it might sink in to all my indents that are there also, but wondering if it may actually make them look better!?
  6. It is an oil but if you use the smallest amount it should be ok, in saying that I don't have any pimples now so can't say for certain. You can buy the honey online but just make sure it's 100% organic and it's activity level (UMF) is at least 10+.... I paid around $22 AUD for a small tub. Google it's benefits and history to get the background. you just layer it on like a mask. Vitamins didnt really work for me, but they do say rather than swallow the vitamin, break open the gel cap and ru
  7. And one more thing... Manuka honey masks! Today my Red marks look so much lighter than other days and I was wondering why.. Then I remembered I gave myself a manuka honey mask last night which is great for redness.. Looks like it has worked!!!
  8. Im in a very similar position to you i.e on a low dose of 20mg roaccutane and and although my acne has cleared I'm left with lots of red marks. I would not suggest to use in creams or product that are not natural on roaccutane. Firstly most of those ones like Meladerm, Zenmed etc don't work and your are definAtely not to take them when on 'tane. I have been using rose hip oil and it's been just on two months and my skin is well on it's way to looking better and my red marks have reduced at
  9. My Derm said 6 months unfortunately. Which totally sux and i've even had to postpone my wedding to a later date because i want to make sure my scars are gone or at least reduced alot more than now. Re the beauty therapy, i'd have to also wait 6 months for any strong peels, but i can start my daily routine using the aspect range and their different products (Extreme B or C serum etc). She promises me that with a good skin routine using these products over a good period of time i'll see result
  10. Yeah i don't think they do sell in the US sorry. But there are some online stores in Australia that you can buy from - not sure on overseas delivery. Here is one i found - http://www.jessihowellcosmetics.com/ My friend's mum who has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years totally freaked out when i said i wanted to try Fraxel after my Roaccutane course. She could not stress enough how damaging and useless it would be for my skin and all I would end up doing is spending thousands. Thi
  11. Sorry for the delayed reply! Yeah I pretty much just slather it on and leave it on for as long as possible. Make sure the activity UMF level is at least 15+ (they say). Yes the endless battle indeed....its extremely depressing, especially with summer around the corner, i'm the only one i know at the moment that prays for a rainy cold day! Means i can hide inside all day and not feel like I'm missing out on anything!
  12. Your skin looks exactly like mine. My pic's aren't the greatest but looking at your's its very much how i see mine in the mirror (although mine are a tad worse). How long have your scars been there? Looks like you have only a few box and rollings scars and the rest is hyperpigmentation? You say you tried Fraxel? How many times? I'm keen to try this too but heard it doesn't work in most cases and you can waste $1000's. I think i'll try some peels and a good skin regime using Aspect products
  13. I often wonder the same thing myself. But they say anything left after 12 months is a scar... You could cover the redness with foundation/concealor so it matches your skin colour then if you still see an indent then its probably more than just a red mark...
  14. Does anyone know if it's ok to have Dermal fillers soon after you finish a course of Roaccutane? Or do you still have to wait the 6mths?
  15. No that's not true...infact your hyperpigmentation is redder when on accutane