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  1. Well scar tissue isn't dead, it's just as "alive" as normal skin and it's self replicating. All they are doing is telling the scar tissue what to do become heart muscles, skin or whatever. It's brilliant! I don't get why everyone here is so determined on starting again, by cutting out the scar tissue, then Rehealing the skin in a scar free way - I guess it's based on the old fashioned idea that scar tissue, once there, cannot be removed or altered - when studies like the above prove otherw
  2. I see your point I thought I read elsewhere that the scars kept improving, but I've read so much that I'm probably imagining it out of sheer hope. oh god I wish something would come out. I'm suffering more severe scarring than most (burn scars) and the disfigurement has prevented so many aspects of my life. I research time and time again for a cure. I even bought my own fractional co2 laser to help clear up the damage, but the improvement has been minimal. I will stay involved in thi
  3. Hey, I really dont understand why you all arent jumping on Dr Deepak Srivastava's research. He turned SCAR FIBROBLASTS back into beating HEART MUSCLES, through the use of an injection of viruses that turned the scarring gene off - even in older scars. They said the potential benefits is that it could one day be used to help other scarring, including body scars. I cant help but think it deserves a lot more attention and funding than this boring hydrogel. I mean it wouldnt require excisio
  4. Hey guys, Just doing my rounds on the net to find things for my scars and found this great article. Without using stem cells, they turned scar tissue of the heart, back into working heart muscles in mice. Obviously, it will be ages before its tested on humans and skin, but I found the cells activated in the process to be really cool. Even as a light read, I recommend it http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120426174110.htm
  5. Recell has been proven to be very effective for quite some time. - the before and after pics from docs on the net prove this quite well. Its been used here in Australia for a while and the results are remarkable, I think this is purely to get it passed in the US. if you guys can give it a go - go for it - it seems like a terrific treatment option and pretty much a sure thing
  6. i totally agree. i am on a depression website and although its nice to be around people who are depressed too, the relationships are often filled with issues and end quickly.
  7. yeah i know what your saying, but your missing the most important point - the bimatoprost. the laser is merely a way of getting the bimatoprost deep into the skin. from what i read, they had the laser treatment(s), then continued to use tretinoin or pimecrolimus afterwards, alongside the bimatoprost. if it was just a laser treatment, i doubt it would do crap, especially since they used a pretty weak laser. its nice to know there might be cheaper alternatives to avita out there, as bim
  8. Repigmentation of Hypopigmented Scars Using an Erbium-Doped 1,550-nm Fractionated Laser and Topical Bimatoprost BACKGROUND Hypopigmented scarring is a challenging condition to treat, with current treatments showing limited efficacy and temporary results. Nonablative fractional resurfacing has been demonstrated to be an effective and safe modality in the treatment of hypopigmented scars. OBJECTIVES To demonstrate the efficacy and safety of combining fractional resurfacing
  9. Don't worry about adding more pics. You already have posted more than most. If you add any more, it might crash the site!!! Then youd be blamed! Lol When you say the lasers caused more problems.. What do you mean if you don't mInd me asking. I always felt it helped more skin come in from the sides, but again it could be wishful thinking.
  10. Hey Gbl, I'm sorry to hear they recommended excising the scar, especially given how much you have already done improving the current scar! Sulks... I must admit, I've been following your posts for quite done time as I have accident scarring too, although a little more severe and widespread. I have one one cheek the same size as yours and quite a few others on my forehead, nose and chin. Darn hypopigmented scars lol!!! They are hard to cover with make up and the shiny texture bugs me.. I had a
  11. i was reading some studies a few days ago and it seems all of them compare a product to a placebo *meaning nothing*. then when they find their product does more than nothing, they get all excited... i mean, why dont you test your product in comparison to established scar products, instead of absolutely nothing, because the last thing we need is another worthless product.
  12. They as in the people from the website Cambree posted a link to. sounds like that juvista guy is already planning his next scam im surprised any board would allow him to speak, especially since he lied to so many people for such a long time. if he came anywhere near my company, id kick him to the curb lets see how many people fall for his lies this time
  13. im glad you took the chance and went for a new and interesting procedure. i must admit, you need to give it more than 4 days before you make a definitive statement, as you would still be left with swelling. between week 3 and 8, you should start to see your real results.
  14. how is jabbing yourself with a cactus different from using a normal needle? im not sure I follow... seabs - insulin injections are completely different to jabbing yourself with a cactus needle..can you also explain your reasoning?
  15. Well on that note, im establishing BiogeneticsXL - the newest and most exciting company on the market and guess what it specialises in! scar revision who wants to buy a few shares ? selected in house trials have revealed that scars are mysteriously transformed by the strange and wonderful properties of BiogeneticsXL strain 00158s1 oh dear...thanks for the post seabs