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  1. The theory is that the needle disrupts the scar tissue and forces the body to rebuild with collagen, the protein that makes our skin strong and elastic. Your body won't attempt to remodel a scar without intervention from an outside source like lasers or needles.
  2. -- all types (but much improved by needling, rolling, and stamping since 2011) -- retin-a, OTC salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide As for the last question, I have cystic acne and i don't know what causes some acne to scar while others do not. Ive had acne cysts that throb and ache to be released leave no scars when ive extracted them when theyre ready to go. They healed fast once the infection and clog is removed and leave no scar. Then there are times when ive left a cyst alone, not picking o
  3. Hi, I recommend Sarah Vaughter's site if you want to learn about dermarolling. She even has a dedicated forum where she takes time to answer every post. There's an abundance of misinformation and outright lies about dermarolling (ahem, dermarolling to make breasts larger, anyone?). I find her articles clear, incisive, and free of malarky and hyperbolic advertisements about the miraculous, fast results. You'll be able make an informed choice when you proceed to buy a "genuine" dermaroller.
  4. Hi, there I haven't experienced hypertrophic scarring, but some have successfully flattened raised scars by using silicone sheets. Don't lose courage! It's demoralizing and extremely stressful to deal with acne *and* scarring, but think of how the options for treating scars continue to improve. I had indented scarring on both cheeks for over a decade, and I had resigned myself to living with scars, but they've shown improvement under a new treatment. A year ago, I would have thought that was
  5. You just said it. They're superficial. Why would you even call it a loss? When you think of potential friends/girlfriends/boyfriends, is "superficial" the first desirable quality that comes to mind? How can you be jealous that your friend got a whole lotta...nothing? Yeah, you're going to have a harder time attracting as much attention with acne, but good people of both genders are around. When you find that person, he or she will be worth a thousand of the superficial ones. To paraphrase the gr
  6. Hi, Heir. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so low. You're doing the right things by taking care of your health and by going to school, but you can't manage depression on your own, especially when it's chronic, as I suspect it is your case. Do you have a family member you can talk to? When you're isolated with your own thoughts (I'm a butterface, unworthy to be seen....) your thinking stagnates, and your mind becomes a loop of sad thoughts. If you don't feel anyone can understand what you'r
  7. I agree with Paul in that there is no set formula in life, unless you choose to follow one. If we were to follow this assumed formula, then you and your good husband would end up divorced anyway. On the topic of the spouse, what is your criteria for "good"? Maybe the best husband should be someone who loves you as you are now, instead of someone who should fall in love with the flawless, twenty-something version of yourself. There are people out there whose values are deeper than skin-thick. But
  8. Thanks for sharing this article! I hope it will allay any doubts about or fears that dermarolling is a scam.
  9. Hi, Time. So...have you ever considered that most people want clear skin because they feel it will make them more attractive? Being more attractive may lead to more chances of...passing down one's genetic material. Maybe that's one of the big reasons why many of us want to be clear again? Then think about how you've had several people on this thread comment that you're handsome and so forth, and that your skin isn't as bad as you think it is. I believe those posters were female. Then think of h
  10. Hi What about doing less instead of doing all? Maybe your skin needs a break from a barrage of treatments. My skin used to be testing grounds for lots of treatments (drugstore and prescription). Now that I've given it a break, and treat it gently by using less products, it stopped freaking out and is happier overall.
  11. Check, check, check. That list sums up my experience when I was growing up. @Paul: Hey =( I'm really sorry to hear you're having problems with your managers and work. From what I remember reading in your posts, you didn't seem to like your job. Is that true, or did I misunderstand? If you do get fired, bollocks to them! Perhaps, this is the chance for you to do what you love to do, instead of putting your life into work that isn't satisfying on any level other than financial. It's scary to pu
  12. I agree with you. Karma's a bitch, folks. I don't wish acne on good people, but acne for bullies and other trash? Yes, please. Learning humility and empathy will be the best thing that ever happened to them --- and their victims.
  13. To me, perfect skin, perfect looks, or even genius isn't the best thing you can pass down to your children. The best thing is confidence in their self-worth, confidence in their own ability, and compassion for others. If you can do that, your children will be happy no matter what life throws at them. Even if you could spare them acne, you can't spare them from other losses and suffering. Those three things will help them to deal with anything that comes their way. Fuhgeddabout acne.
  14. Hi, shadylee. I'm sorry your skin is acting up, but glad that it led you to a better dermatologist. I hope things continue to look up for you.