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  1. Next week i'm going to start a pill called Androcur...it's like SPIRO but doesn't have the same hormones in it...anyone have used it?
  2. yes it is but my doctor said that i have to stop it because now it's hot and sunny...i don't now if i should take accutane...i have PCOS
  3. I've just started to take a pill called DIANE 35 in order to cure my acne...any success stories? ps:i've just discovered to have PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome
  4. Me and my boyfriend are together for a year. This winter we were on holiday together in the mountains and at the beginning I was afraid to see me without makeup as well ... I also had many acne scabs due to the attempt to bother me a bit more large pimples ... I finally closed the lights and we are left only with a soft light ... he made ​​me understand that I have this problem and knows not to be afraid ... I pulled off the trick and we made love ... from that moment on I realized that he a
  5. Every morning I wake up with this question in mind: why us? The acne is a punishment: it forces you to have a thousand fears, anxieties and phobias, I personally have not come out when the sun is strong or in the hot hours in the evening to avoid direct light in my face and even when I'm with friends or my boyfriend (holy to do) I'm with the lights dimmed. Now that I'm writing are quiet but not so in reality. I fight this for almost 6 years and have not had any results. Walk down the street with
  6. Thanks for the answers I would like to solve this problem but I can not take the roauccutan because now I have exams and I'm afraid of side effects and then approaches the summer and I know that I could not take the sun! with regard to the holes I have left small holes in the skin that is white the same color of skin after it has ignited in the blackhead pimple and became crust and then dropped. My question is: should I take the pill? Type diane? Friday I go to the gynecologist because maybe I
  7. Hi everybody!!! Please help me by reading my story and my problem with acne. Since I have 12 13 years due to a strong stress (which caused the loss of hair), my face was literally filled with cysteine ​​in the white skin, small accumulations of sebum that is not made ​​in either resorb: sometimes ignite but then return to the starting state. The only ones that can be removed are those that are flammable and I with the creams dry to the point where they can become scabs and then I left th