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  1. Wtf.... yeah, you're kinda justified in screaming at her for hours.
  2. I don't like drugs, not because I give a damn if someone wants to be high on anything, but because I live in a country completely ruined by the drug trade and I can't respect anyone who supports that type of business. Maybe if it was legal it wouldn't be so harmful. So yeah, if you smoke pot, be ethical, grow your own. Personally, I have a condition in which I take pills that make me a little high. I hate it, so even if the drug trade didn't cause thousands of deaths and ruin societies, I don
  3. I use a witch hazel with aloe one sold on Swanson vitamins. It's EXCELLENT.
  4. Anyone can be beautiful with Photoshop and lots of professional makeup...
  5. Not all minerals are bad... it took me at least three "big name" mineral makeup brands to finally found one that didn't give me a rash and looked good. I bought probably the best makeup I've ever owned from pinkquartzminerals on Etsy. Excellent coverage, no rash, just beautiful skin. I've had a reaction to makeup similar to yours, I used organic witch hazel on it and it went away.
  6. Sooo two days with no makeup. First day, people did notice ( I had some a-holes tell me things like "What's with your face?" or "You need to stop picking". My sister said I looked gross, etc. I got home and cried for an hour. Today, a friend of mine said "hey, your skins's looking real soft and just so much better. Your marks are going away real fast" and asked me what I did to fix them ) It was nice I guess.
  7. In my experience, the "most" healing occurs within the first two-four months, but the rest takes longer. Things like peels and other treatments help accelerate the process a bit.
  8. I'm like any other girl, I love makeup, I could spend my entire fortune on Sephora, because I just like playing with makeup, I like making my eyes "pop", my lips seem prettier, etc. But makeup has made me more self-conscious about my acne/PIH! I used to wear makeup sometimes to hide them, but now, I don't go out even for ten minutes without a layer of mineral makeup on and concealer. I don't allow my boyfriend to see me without makeup and when my family says ANYTHING (good or bad) about my skin
  9. Life isn't beautiful. Life is surviving the constant stream of BS it throws at you. Yeah, "you can only help yourself" and all that, but everyone sometimes needs to rant. I agree acne isn't even close to being the worst thing in the world, but if you have acne + a plethora of other issues, then it might seem so.
  10. Going out without makeup. I used to be able to. Now I don't even go to the grocery store without makeup. Having confidence in msyelf. I cry when I look at the mirror. Trust my boyfriend. I always think "He can get someone as hot as he is, why is he with me?"
  11. Since I was 9 years old. I'm now 21. I'm convinced this will never go away.
  12. Use a tanning lotion or something. Or just remember that when everyone has a leather face thing going on you'll still have gorgeous skin.
  13. Maybe. Frankly to me it looks like ingrown hairs and not acne. It'll cost a lot though. You can try waxing/epilating. Painful but cheaper.
  14. Did you actually see the picture? At what point in the relationships did he tell you? For how long did you know him/ date him before you first had sex? I think honesty is the best course of action. However, at what point in the relationship should I make this revelation? Yes, I saw. He told me about two months in (dating); basically when things started getting physical to a point we were about to have sex. I'd known him as an acquantince for years. At what point? Um, a
  15. I've dated a guy with that problem and we had a very good sex life. He just told me up front what it was, and well that was it. If you pretend it's not there and then surprise her with it THEN she might think it's an STD because it's like you're trying to hide a horrible secret. It wasn't a big deal. It's not that bad, really.