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  1. I had big flaking/redness/irritation. It's now less than 2 weeks in for me, and the past couple days I've experienced NO irritation at all. I did'nt apply any BP for a day and a half though as I was sick and couldn't be bothered with it. I'm wondering if just a day off BP completely really gave my skin a chance to strengthen itself, or if it was just about that time to get used to it?
  2. First, I'd wait a couple weeks and see if it goes back to normal. Second, I wouldn't rule out sun damage. Even the darkest skin types can get sun damaged, even if it doesn't seem like it
  3. If you aren't willing to wait a few months, then just give up now. Because it may take you that long to clear up on any given treatment.
  4. smik

    Dan, with so many people complaining about your moisturizer leaving a yellow color, are you going to change the formula? Or at least create a second moisturizer? I ordered both your cleanser and treatment (both I like so far) but I dare not switch from my cetaphil to your moisturizer purely on the fact it may color my skin. Looking like I'm *not* wearing anything on my face is important to me, even if BP does make my face appear shinier with oil.

  5. Acne, the anti-early teen pregnancy drug.
  6. Start slowly yes, thats recommended. But really, quickly or slowly, your skin should ideally get used to BP over time no matter. Am I wrong for thinking this? You may suffer at the beginning weeks but you'll overcome it just the same?
  7. Id still like to hear from others, but as a side note, yesterday my face was red at work, at the tingling went away after I blotted the first time, like I mentioned above. But I noticed the redness went away after I cleansed when I got home, so I'm assuming that even if some bp was taken off, it definitely was still on there for my skin to be so irritated and red until washed.
  8. I realize this is an old thread, but has anyone heard anything new on this medicine?
  9. Haha this is just how I feel. I can't see why any guy could ever like me...because i feel like a guy will only like you for the way you look and if you don't look good it's like, they have no reason to talk to you. It's all physical. So when they do actually hit on you it's like, "umm why are you even talking to me?" I decided to just cut all contact with him and everyone else for that matter...it's just acne doing it's job ruining my life. I like him a lot and want to have him but, it makes me
  10. I guess I didn't word that in the best way - I'll try again. BP has worked for me to an extent. Without it my skin would be undoubtedly out of control. BP works to help control breakout a little but I still get breakouts and cyst like spots that it doesn't seem to work on. So it has had some good results. But also I don't know what else to try without going back on antibiotics which I don't love the idea of so I guess that's why I've continued BP. It does work. Just not as much as I want it to.
  11. It doesn't sound like your mom is going about talking to you the right way at all, but at the same time I can't help feeling like maybe she is saying it so bluntly because she so desperately wants you (her child, a piece of her) to be as perfect as possible. It's an idea that will hardly meet standards, but really, who can blame a parent for wanting it? You represent things to her that she no longer can do, but you still have time for. Talk to your mom about how you feel; confronting a person
  12. I'm glad you love it. Personally, I love how well it works but I definitely feel its presence on my skin an hour or so after using it, once my own oily skin combines with it. It feels heavy and disgusting.
  13. Lol do you mean the liquid or the bar? I used the liquid (along with a topical, of course) and I HATED IT! It always left some weird residue on the cheeks of my face. It *was* super gentle though, I'll give it credit for that. But I think I compared it to the ingredients on j&j (same manufacturer or purpose products) baby cleanser and it was like exactly the same but baby wash is way cheaper so I was like wtf. Or maybe it was on clean&clear cleanser....maybe both because now I specfical
  14. Wow...no, never. Sounds like a horrifying self-multilation. Maybe you should see a doctor...