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  1. No offense, but I dont see anything wrong with your skin. I think that you are overanalysing. But if you want a better texture, I think you should try microdermabrasions. Dont do chemical peels, your skin tone is absoultely perfect right now.
  2. Well my doctor told me to avoid the sun for sure after this treatment. Wearing a hat when you're outside is a good idea. Keep putting the post laser salves on it (different doctors have different salves they want you to use) to help the skin heal faster Baby the new skin and wash the skin with your hands and not a cloth for atleast a week afterwards Dont use retin-a and hydroquinone for a week after the treatment also. I may have missed a couple of steps but this is what I did after
  3. I couldn't agree anymore!! and also at the risk of being jerk I have to say that I have so many friends from all walks of life and there is something we have in common: We prefer 100X times women with curves. Most of us don't like bones. Men love to watch, admire and worship God's most perfect creation: a woman's body. That's how we are and I don't think we're ever gonna change. But of course, we must always respect them. Have you ever wondered why brazilian beaches are a guy's paradise?? '
  4. I am not really sure. But the doctor did tell me that it was at the highest level.
  5. I tottaly agree that your skin is beautiful! Many guys would kill for skin like yours it is pretty much flawless. I am not sure why you feel the way you do about your skin but I think that you should avoid the harsh treatments. I really cant see any scars but some enlarged pores is all. Maybe you can benefit from microdermbrasion.
  6. I am no doctor but Erbium Yag has been performed on dark complexions with no adverse side effects. I am one, and I knew of other people that have done it too. Not to mention I was prepped for atleast 2 months with Retin-A and Hyrdoquinone before starting the Yag treatments. Many doctors in town refused to come near me with any kind of laser, but I found a doctor that agreed to do a Yag on me because he has done this on other dark skinned folks and he knew what he was doing. A Co2 laser however
  7. Hi Putty, Like I said in the other post, I too have scarring like yours. Your scars are pretty minimal and so are mine. But I do think that they look worse to you because its your skin. I think Erbium Yag may help bevause I am African American and it helped my skin quite a bit. It actually made my skin tone better. In general you have really nice skin IMO. I think that maybe also your problems do go deeper than just your appearance. For me I have done modeling for a short time and found that ev
  8. My scars are also very shallow. Many people on this board thinks that we are wasting their time and delusional. Its not true! We are insecure about our scarring too. What helped me quite a bit was an Erbium Yag laser. It was able to smooth out my worst scars and give me a 30-40% improvement in the appearance of the scars.
  9. I hated using Proactiv. It did nothing but make my skin really oily and I got the biggest pimples. I think it does not work for everybody for sure.
  10. Wow you look great. I think that the treatments that you did improved your skin a whole bunch!
  11. Whoa!!! Sorry I havent posted in a while but as an Engineering major I am very busy. First of all I am not a plant! I came on to this forum to try to give others like me some hope about their scarring! As a dark skinned person there is not many things that can be done for scars. There will never be removed completely be I think they can be improved-mine has. I am thinking actually after the swelling went down my skin was improved about 30%-40%. I am pleased with that. I just had my 2nd treatmen
  12. Wow-there is nothing wrong with your skin! If anything at all I only see some slightly roughness and a little redness. I think you are sensitive like I am and very over analyzing. I see major flaws on my face while others see nothing. If your skin really bothers you I think all you need is some microdermabrasions and a good skin care line. I really dont see any scarring and doing any harsh treatments will mess up your nice skin tone.
  13. Thanks so much for your kind words. My skin was off color for maybe a month before the natural brown came back. This laser was deep enough to get the scar but not so deep where I was permanently depigmented. Everyone was amazed that this laser works on dark skin like mine. But with any laser, others should proceed with caution because not everyone's skin is the same and may react differently to this type of treatment.
  14. My name is Angela and I had some superficial acne scars that really got me down. I tried everything from TCA chemical peels (they dont work for scars) to the thoughts of a dermabrasion! I am African American and the melenin in my skin prevents me from having alot of the avasive treatments that are on the market because I can lose pigment or hyperpigment. I was finally at the end of my rope and saw one last skin specialist before just throwing my hands up and decideing I just have scarred skin.