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  1. Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried glycolic acid. Is it in your regimen? What’s it good for?
  2. Hi, ive been on the regimen for years with mixed results. 27 year old male. Currently I have really bad breakouts on my chin which has always been my probably area. Especially around my lips now. I’m just not sure where to go or what to change up to try again. When you are thinking of stopping or changing something is anyone else terrified of the breakouts? (Even worse breakouts i mean) AM - ceptahil cleanser 2 pumps Dans BP just on chin (around a quarter finger length, m
  3. Did you only use this routine in the morning? What made you use one pump of this cleanser. I found it never worked spreads enough with just one pump
  4. Hey, im a man and I’ve alwayd had really bad dark marks under my eyes. Are there any ways hay I can cover these up. What do you think would be the best way to go about this? I dont think I will ever permanently get rid of them so just want ways to cover them up but I know nothing about make up or creams or anything like that Some help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Great news! Keep us updated, are you applying anything to your face currently?
  6. Does anyone have any good cleansers or moisturisers they use in the UK? I’ve been using a mix of cetaphil and cerave for a long time now but I’m thinking of changing because I know they can break people out The cleanser I’m using is also cetaphil
  7. Seriously though, are you supposed to go out into the world with a massive yellow head on the top of your spot?
  8. It can be really tough. Honestly I know this sound stupid but people aren’t thinking about your acne as much as you think. So when you’re out don’t be so self-conscious. I find talking about it helps and only looking in certain mirrors (good mirrors). Keeping yourself busy. If you ever need to vent we are all here for you
  9. Thanks for the reply. What at do you mean above and below my beard?
  10. I did find this when I was using acne.org, 100%. I actually got chemical burns from using the recommended amount of BP. Red, raw, burning, hot. Looked and felt like a sun burn. Took me a few weeks to get my skin back to normal. How did you get your skin back to normal?
  11. Interesting with the aloe vera because I used it’s for cold sores as that recommended but I haven’t thought about using it for sports yet. Keep me updated!
  12. I’ve decided to grow a beard. Been on the regimen for years now with mixed results. I’m a few weeks into my beard growing. I don’t feel like my beard has been bleached by BO. Definitely not on the sides anyways my chin is pretty blonde and also my problem area for acne anyone have any advice with the regimen and a beard. I definitely want minimalise my BP usage as I feel it’s judt made my chin area really red and marked now