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  1. i've recently gotten that as well, but I know why, its cuase of my shaving, since I shave some of my pimples get pop, and well I guess, even though I rinse it shave the hair on my upper neck and well then I get nice reg large bumps, and they get red after 3-4 days and then after a week or 2 its still reds but no acne seems to be present... kinda weird I guess, but after I shave I then apply my ance soap and then apply my meds on my face. Also what I have found working like charms on just pi
  2. I've tried a lot of treatments, Benzoyl Peroixde is the worst even for me, I seem to have alergic breakout due to it. I've used a lot of nutrogena and clearasil stuff, its helped a little but still there. Then I found this one product I never heard of Jafra, it seems to do wonders. Only problem it says apply to my acne and well its all over my face and has been for 1 year and 1/2. It has stopped all the big red spot and I hardly get and white heads (used it for over 2 months) but now that my