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  1. Im on 20mg a day long term i was on 20mg eod The results are good it will definitely help you
  2. thanks for that luckily im pale skinned so that shudnt be too much of an issue. Has anyone tried vbeam and had any success with it?
  3. Hey people I've been on low dose tane for a while now with differin and while my acne has got a lot better my face still looks like crap. Ive done many, many hours of research on all this but i feel like no one has my particular problem so feel like im getting nowhere sometimes. I have many small ice pick scars/scarred pores (hundreds) and a good amount of boxcars. I can live just fine with the indents and i know of plenty of procedures to improve the appearance of them. Also the retinoids
  4. hey yeah ive got a small hard lump left from a cyst which has been there going on a year now.
  5. hey that's not so bad you know It looks like mild acne with some residual hyper pigmentation and a little scarring. You say that you've used topicals. You need to get aggressive with it if it bothers you this much. Get yourself to the doctors / derms and try anti-biotics and retinoids if you haven't already. use a systematic approach if the first one doesn't work for you after you've given it a good amount of time then move onto the next one. Something will work. I know the red mark
  6. I know that feeling only too well paul. When i was at my worst it took good friends to actually drag me out and make me see that the people that matter dont care how you look. When i was at my worst mentally I was staying in all the time focusing on my flaws and i was fast becoming my own island in a sense not a very welcoming one at that. I totally agree with the op so what if you think you look like crap get out there and show the world that you have more to offer than a baby smooth complexion
  7. How long have you been using the differin? All i can say from my experience is stick with it. It flared me up initially but has done a lot of good and helps smooth the skin also. It takes months until you reap the benefits of it.
  8. I had the same thing i used to work as a postman so i was exposed to the elements all day all summer sweating at the same time, For the first few months i looked really good then the acne hit hard. Large pustules most days with some cysts it was nasty, Any old marks looked ten times worse when tan faded also. I literally cooked my face and it reacted very badly indeed. Ive started getting it under control now with accutane and differin but has taken a long time. My advice would be stay out of
  9. I got prescribed from my derm long term 20mg a day plus differin every night. Was clearing up great obviously quite dry but was doing the trick. I say was because i started breaking out again im hoping its all the xmas indulgence,
  10. Amen to that my friend! I think its about aiming to improve things while not stressing out or obsessing. Good luck with the women most of them dont mind scars or whatever and the ones that do aint worth a hoot. Ive got a face full of moderate acne scarring and red marks and ive had kids with two different women and been with more than i can count (pretty ones too). All the best!
  11. Give it time mate youll dry up. For me it took a few weeks and then i was dryed out all at once. If you have a lot of oil in your pores this all has to be pushed out before you will notice dryness.
  12. what i do mate is use a beard trimmer on quite a high setting.
  13. I drink on accutane and im fine - just dont go crazy. It varies from person to person i guess.
  14. Ive been on differin for over 7 months now (with low dose accutane) I thought it was the tane doing all the work but i took a break from differin for 2 nights to give it a rest (had parties to go to) and broke out. So for anyone on it apply it religiously. Yeah the purging really really sucks and lasted a Many months for me but the gunks gotta come out of your pores somehow. All the best.