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  1. Retin-A is quite possibly the most useless topical I've been on. My doc gave me some a few months ago and it had no effect. I wouldn't recommend the stuff to people who suffer from inflammatory acne.
  2. I've tried everything, I'm resistant to doxycycline and erythromycin(naturally), and I'm currently using oxytetracycline although I've heard that I'll probably be resistant to this too as it's in the same family as doxycycline. I've been using it for 5 days now and I'm just starting to break out again. I don't have severe widespread acne but it is inflammatory and can get pretty unsightly. I don't think The Regimen would work because I've done something similar in the past and Benzoyl Peroxide a
  3. So do you think trying something like Oxytetracycline would be a waste of time?
  4. My skin is now totally resistant to Doxycycline. Does that mean that it would be resistant to Oxytetracycline and Minocycline too? Thanks.