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  1. Hi guys, I was on accutane for about 4 months for 20 mg/day. What happend was that i missed an appointment with the dermatologist and because of that i had to miss one month of treatment. So i decided to stop it all together because i feel like i only have scars now. What do you guys think? should i go back on accutane and complete the course? I no longer have dry lips and what not, but i would hate to get back on that medicine! Also, what can I do to get rid of these acne scars? I am planing o
  2. Thanks for the advice Ihatemynose! You are right. Any other advice from anyone taking accutane?
  3. Hi, so I believe I'm on my 5th month of Accutane but I recently missed my dermatologist appointment and I ran out of Accutane. SO i am going to be without accutane for about a month. My skin has improved and everything and I have a few pimples but mainly just scars =[. I tried to contact my Derm but she is booked until next month and she cannot write me a prescription without seeing me. Therefor, i must wait for a month before i can be on accutane again. What should i expect now? Am i going to
  4. Good luck!!! I am on 20mg/day! Is 30mg/day right for your age?
  5. Hi, I would like to know whether it is okay to use protein supplements while taking accutane. I workout so i was wondering if right after my workout i can take protein shakes or not. Thanks
  6. Don't you have an accutane time laps vid on youtube?
  7. I'd hit that! good luck on your journey, your skin isnt that bad
  8. I Was just going through the success stories and it seems like most of them are from taking the higher dose. =[
  9. Don't worry guys, I am on month 3 and I am still breaking out! My derm. told me to expect results starting month 5. Is 20mg/day right for your weight or are you guys on low-dose? I weigh about 140lbs and chose low-dose.
  10. Nice post!!!! Whatever you wrote is true lol! I see all these posts about people being all depressed and stay at home because they have pimples etc.. Well I have acne too but to me it's not a big deal at all, I still go out and do the things I would be doing even if I had clear skin! But ofcourse, I would rather have clear skin!
  11. Is anyone else on this course of 20mg/day?