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  1. Im a pharmacy intern so when some people walk into the pharmacy to pick up there medication they feel they must give me some advice about my acne!!! its soo annoying!! i've had a lady say to me " you've got such a pretty face but its a shame you've got pimples because they make you look very unattractive", or when a man said to me " whats happened to your face with all the pimples?? u should try proactiv" thanks but no thanks!!
  2. i've been on retin A for 3 months now and i havn't seen any improvement in my skin yet
  3. Can you do both at the same time?? a Dr prescribed my accutane for my mod-severe acne saying it was fine with laser hair removal but then the pharmacist told me that i shouldn't have laser hair removal done at the same time as accutane treatment and then getting a 2nd opinion from another dr i got told that i have to wait until ive finished laser hair removal before i can go on accutane. Anyone know about this??
  4. it took you 4 months to see results?? ok that gives me hope because i've been using retin A for 3 months now and skin just seems to keep breaking out like crazy with no end in sight so thanks for giving me some hope!!
  5. I also agree with the original poster on this board!! sometimes i want to stop using anything at all on my skin because i get sick of nothing working and i get annoyed at all the time and money i've wasted but then i get scared that it might backfire on my skin and my skin might get even worse!!! its really interesting though because both my siblings (17 and 21 years old) have suffered from acne but they stopped using anything but water (out of lazziness ) and both now have amazing skin that i
  6. =/ less make up? its really hard though going out of the house with no make up when you've got horrible skin!!! i truely admire people that can because i cann't!! i know beauty is on the inside but if your face is full of pimples and scars its really hard to face people and your self esteem drops!! my goal is to go out without makeup oneday!!!!
  7. Currently im on duac, doxy, retinA and zinc and my skin is still horrible!! I have white heads, nodules and scarring everywhere!! im thinking of going to the Dr tommorrow and sking to be put on hormal therapy!! and also trying azelaic acid!!!!when will this nighmare end??
  8. ok so my skin still has pimples, the breakout is still here but now theres another evil villian and thats scarring!! In the begining i just had pimples but now i've got pimples and scarring and its really depressing!! shouldn't the medicine started working by now?? I have good news however, its not all gloom and doom!! i just got engaged!!! however i hate that i always have had to wear heavy foundation around my partner, i would love to see him one day and just have no foundation on but just my
  9. flower_child

    skin is soo softer afterwards skin glows tastes yum natural sticky and messy haven'e seen any improvement in my acne yet but i mite need to be more patient try it!! its natural so it must be good for the skin and makes ur skin soo soft afterwards!!
  10. yea you probably will!! i did when i swtiched from differin to retinA. Good luck!!
  11. flower_child

    -ries skin so theres no oilyness -doesn't improve skin It hasn't done anything yet to improve my skin but i think this would be good for people with mild acne not severe
    -None so far -I have gone from mild acne to severe acne -I have so much scarring now I started using this because i had about 5-6 pimples on my face at the time, but after 2 and a half months of treatment my skin has gone from mild acne to severe and i have soo much scarring now that my confidence has dropped dramatically!! i hate going out and seeing people because i know there staring at my skin when they talk to me and my skin just looks so horrible right now. My IB started a week into t
  12. This is my new programme i started yesterday: Morning: Wash face with cataphil face wash Apply body shop tea tree oil to my pimples Let dry Apply cetaphil moisturiser to dry areas Apply shesido foundation Take doxycycline tablet Night: Wash face with cataphil face wash Apply Retin-A all over face Let dry Apply cetaphil moisturiser to dry areas Take Zinc tablets (75mg) Hope i it works!!! By the way i have been on a retinoid cream for 2 and a half months!! The new additions
  13. Hey Guys So i started using the retin A cream about a week ago, alternating every night between retin A and differin and i have broken out even worse!! The Duac is still really irritating my skin so i have switched to tea tree oil which so far hasn't done much!! it does smell nice and my skin feels normal after it. From tonight im going to start using just retin A and trial it for 3 months and see how it goes!! Hopefully the breakout will die down!! I have noticed that the small areas with no
  14. Ok so its been 2 months of me using differin and my skin hasnt improved but rather gotten worse....how much junk is getting out of my skin? My dr told me to try retin-A as it's stronger but i'm a bit scared to start it but it think i might try some tonight and alternate it every 2-3 nights with differin and then slowly increase it...fingers crossed!! ive only got a little bit of differin left so this should work!!
  15. I want to put up pictures every month to keep track of my progress. How do i do that?
  16. Ok so my skin has gotten soo bad now that im on differin that 2 of my coworkers mentioned about my skin. One said and later on another one says and i just wanted to put a bag over my face and walk around like that the rest of the day As if i didn't relise i had skin problems, people feel they must point it out!!! Im so tempted to stop using it!!
  17. Ok so my skin has gotten soo bad now that im on differin (30 days) that 2 of my coworkers mentioned about my skin. One said "are you taking anything for your skin? it's gotten really bad!!" and later on another one says "Your skins gotten really bad, you should go see a dermatologist" and i just wanted to put a bag over my face and walk around like that the rest of the day Any tips about how to get through this? I''ve been going through this "initial breakout" for 3 and a 1/2 weeks now and i h
  18. Im on this combination right now (using differin for a month and duac for 2 weeks so far) and i find the duac really irritating to my skin however it helps bring down the acne that the differin brings up so i don't want to stop it. A few things i've found that might help include: -Using a moisteriser 1st then applying the duac because when i apply the duac to my dry skin it starts to burn, itch and go red then it makes my skin itch when i apply a moisturiser so now i do it the other way round
  19. Yea im going through the exact same thing as you!! My acne is 10 times worse then when i started but i guess this is the "purging" step!! It really sucks though right? but hey its the price we pay so that eventually we can get clear skin!!
  20. Leave them alone. I know its soo tempting to try to get them out but it will only get worse.
  21. I'm wondering the same thing. I wana switch from Differin to retinA but im scared about getting an intial break out from the switch. Did you breakout when you first started using the medication? Some people say that you might get a breakout but it'll be so much milder then the first one because your skin has already purged but i think thats only the case if your switching to a stronger retinoid not one of equal strength. Kepp us updated as to how it goes!!
  22. Ok so i think i jinxed myself because i woke up this morning and i have 15 new pimples on my face!! So i just put some duac all over my face now before bed to help bring the pimples down but it's burning my face and making it REALLY itchy so i might wash it off. It've been doing that for the last few weeks because my skin go's red and itchy after the duac. Im thinking i might use differin every 2nd morning and duac everynight then maybe my skin will be able to adjust better....because after i ap
  23. Ok so i woke up this morning and OMG the first time in 2 months my acne seems to have gone down a little, like no new pimples!! everyday i wake up and find 5 new pimples but today it was exactly the same as before!! I never thought i would be happy with that but im over the moon right now!! Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel? hope i don't jinx myself and wake up with 10 new pimples 2moro!! Im gna go 2 more weeks with differin but if i see no improvement im switching to retin A!
  24. i got a new prescription from my Dr for retin A and was told to stop differin after a month but im scared about getting an intial breakout again. Anyone get a initial break out again?