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  1. thanks everyone, i called my dr and had he call in a script of the gel, i'm about to start it again so hopefully it'll help more.
  2. i have really oily skin and i'm on tretinoin cream, .05% i was on the gel at .01% for awhile and it seemed to help, now with the cream i'm breaking out worse. i did research and found a lot of people saying the cream can make oily skin worse, but the cream is .05% tretinoin and the gel is .01%. so how could the gel be more effective when the percentage is that much less? i'm a little confused. i'm just wondering if anyone knows if the cream is really bad enough for oily skin that the increase
  3. ps- just looked up details, the dpl nuve gaurantees it contains no uv spectrum light so i think i made a good choice!
  4. yeah, he was also telling me about washes and glycol pads that they sold, and after the phototherapy causing cancer comment it kinda raised some red flags with me. i hate that i can't trust the guy now because he's right down the street from me and is one of the few doctors that take both types of insurance i have so i don't have a co pay. i've researched the topic too, and a lot of research actually claims that it can treat cancer, so i don't know how it could treat it and cause it at the same
  5. i have extremely fair skin and i saw a new dermatologist today. i've been shopping for an at home blue and red light therapy device and i asked him what he would recommend. first he told me that they do it in the office, and then i told him i was going to buy one to use at home and then he said that he wouldn't recommend it because i'm so fair and it could increase my chances of getting skin cancer. there is a history of skin cancer in my family and it has always been a concern of mine; i had a
  6. I've been scouring the internet to find the best blue and red acne lights and have been researching the topic for days. some of my research brought me here, so i thought i'd see if any of you could answer my questions. i've gathered in my research that the direct contact handheld types are best because the light doesn't have to travel as far and therefore can't dispurse. i've also read that the tabletop red and blue combination lights don't offer an equal distribution of light, and aren't as eff