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  1. Delta, I'll see what I can do. Atleast try to get a recent photo.
  2. I'll try to answer some of your guys questions. Hey Mark, first off dont need steroids. Steroids are for pro bodybuilders looking to do this as a pro. If you are not planning on being a pro bodybuilder dont mess around with roids. Hard work and time pays off. I look at a pro body builders body and try to get that look in a smaller package. I still strive to make each muscle stand out and look like a bodybuilders musle should look. Creatine is a great supplement. I take it a month or two on and t
  3. Hey Delta. I work out alot, but thats just me. If you knew me you would know its part of my personality. Bodybuilding is part of who I am. I'm not who I am without it. I make it one of the top priority's in my life. I structure my whole whole life around it. I feel if its important to you its not a question of getting in the way of other interests, inatead you make time for all of them, making them all priority's. You worry about school when the time is called for dealing with school or carrer.
  4. Hey Delta. No its not. You can get good food for less then garbage food. Supplements are cheap and well worth. You cant put a price value on being happy and healthy. Delta, saying its an exspensive life style is a poor excuse. Bodybuilding is about saying goodbye to excuses and getting to work. With the money most people blow on garbage, use it to start helping your quality of living. I'll spend my last dollar on fitness personaly. I wont let anything get in the way of doing what is needed to he
  5. I suffer from pretty bad scarring like most of you. I'm not here to debate who's scarring is worse and so fourth. I too continue to try ways to improve my skin. Besides the ways we all can try at a derm's office with the countless treatments, here are things I do to help improve my life. I got into weight lifting about 13 years ago, but over the past couple years Ive become a hardcore bodybuilder. Hours a day 6 days a week. I now live like a bodybuilder. Which is a very healthy life style. Its h
  6. You have to make visits to different doctors. Of course be open about how you feel and what you hope for as far as results. Ask as many questions as you feel need to be asked. I give a doctor a shot on by the way the first consultation goes. If he's realistic, honest and gives me hope. I'll give them a shot. you can do searches on the internet, or use the yellow pages. If you know what kind of scaring you have, then you can get an idea of what treatments will be best. That can narrow your search
  7. Magic dust. You are angry over my original post because I spoke of the reality's of treating scars and the reality of dealing with some form of scaring when you have scars. Your responce here has nothing to do with my original post. You need to read it in length. If you cant understand it for some reason, it can be explained to you in a simpler fashion. I have done treatments, I have gotten results. I would not recommend laser, I will not get laser done. Find me a person with scars that laser ma
  8. You have to find a doctor who can help you. Get as many done as he will do and or bother you. Cant expect to get rid of every imperfection. Thats why I said start with the worst. Getting rid of the largest will make you feel better then you do now. Then go from there. The prices vary greatly from doctor to doctor. Just find a good reliable doctor who can do what you want. Maybe get a few done first, or one done at first. See how good of a job they do. I have scaring like yours too. I dont have t
  9. What scar? Man thats nothing. Your a stinken man for christ sakes. I got oily skin. I just pat it down a few times a day with a tissue. Oily skin is good. Keep your skin younger looking as you get older. And when you get older it wont be as oily and you will wish it wa
  10. Skin on the temple or forehead responds great to any kind of brasion done. The skin is tight and heals well. I used a tool just like doctors used for old dermabrasion. Same bit, same power tool basicly. And treated 2 forehead scars. I can notice a little bit of them cause I know they where there. You would not notice them. No bandaids, no aquafor. No thick crap. Washed my face twice a day. Used anti wrinkle lotion. Did not go out of my way to preserv the scab on there as long as possable. People
  11. Rose, some good advise by some other folks below. Ive never done any kind of laser treatment. Scars like ours on the face are just very difficult to fix. It takes aggresive treatments. I see they are on the deep side but your larger scars are not that deep. get your large scars treated first. Get subcision type treatment where the scar is removed. There may be a left over noticable tiny line or something. Then possably get a treatment done to smooth out the work done. Probably get those close to
  12. There are nhice doctors. Ive found a couple localy. I'm not in your direction though. Some times the big name guys are not the best.
  13. Jillin. I dont know its name. I have been to several doctors and nobody ever spoke of it, or on this site. I went to this old doctor localy. I told him I need something real and rough, that attacks the skin. He has some tool that looks like a medical version of a solder gun. It definatly helps. Its a harsh treatment, but Ive never had a scar end up worse then it was. Only better. Results vary per scar. After its healed and the redness is gone, I give a month after that of healing. I notice my sk
  14. Shannon. These guys are assholes. You got to be an asshole back. Heres the attitude you better have when seeing a doctor. I'm paying you good money, you do exactly what I tell you to do. Ive been there. Doctors can be very cold hearted. I know you go into these offices lacking in confidence, feeling pretty small. The situation can leave you feeling even smaller. I feel that way too. but you know what, this is not the time or place to feel like that. You do whatever you have to, you muster up wha
  15. Have not posted in years. I read some latest posts and see its basicly the same stuff going on. Ive done tca peels and spot treatment. Its utter garbage. A waste of time and energy. Ive got this one treatment done where the doctor burns in and around the scar, helping to smooth it out and helping it heal back better then before. Basicly attack that damaged skin to get it moving again. Its helped some scars, others its not enough. You can get it done every couple months. Its a pretty good realist