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  1. I've been with my girlfriend for over 2 1/2 years (since our senior year of high school). However, we ended up doing long distance for a year because I went to school in Northern Cali and she stayed in Southern Cali. When my break out occured, we were close to the 1 year mark, and I was so devastated by the change in my appearance that I would act like a total tool and be a bad boyfriend. I would do these things not because I didn't care about her or loved her, but because I didn't feel good enough for her anymore. She's so pretty and lovely, that I didn't want her to end up with a monster like me. :/ I ended up leaving school and my scholarships behind after my first year because the acne was just TOO bad, and I had serious concerns about my physical and especially mental health (I was losing it). Since my girl friend and I were long distance, and after a while I refused to Skype with her (imagine that! and she still stayed with me), she hadn't seen how bad my skin was. I saw her a few days after arriving back home and she kissed me and hugged me like I had never changed. Even though I was covered in cysts and the ugliest looking acne I had personally ever seen, she still loved me unconditionally. Not long after I came back my face started clearing up. Within a couple months back at home, all of my major acne was gone. Now, a year after my return back home, I am completely acne free. She touches my face and wants to cry sometimes because of how handsome I've become. I was depressed for 6 months at one time, and now I'm the happiest guy in the world. If it wasn't for my girlfriend, I don't even know if I'd be alive to post this (sad to admit, but it actually had that effect on me..) Her love and support was the only thing that gave me hope and is what I believe helped clear my face up (with the help of DKR, of course lol). if you have a serious acne problem, and have someone like my girlfriend in your life, cherish them and let them know that their support means the world to you. Also, if you know anyone with a serious acne problem, lend them support. Show them that it isn't the end of the world. Tell them you love them no matter what.That's what my girl friend did, and I will always love her for it. Thanks for reading my story and I hope it helps some of you out. :)

    I'm posting this link to my gallery in case any of you want to see exactly what I went through and how much I have changed over the course of 15 months. I hope my story gives people hope and reminds them that their loved ones love them for who they are, not how good looking they are or how many pimples they have or don't have on your face.


  2. I cannot even describe how happy I am to have discovered The Regimen. When I first started DKR, my face was covered in cysts and just overall horrible acne. I didn't want to leave my room and at often times had an inner struggle when it came to gaining the courage to go to class. I was desperate for results and so I decided to give the regimen a shot. The first month came with mixed results. However, I must say that my acne was REALLY bad. My face would sting throughout the day and sometimes just really, really, hurt at night. The introduction of BP didn't make matters any better either. One week my condition would improve, the next it would get worse, and so was the case until my parents came to pick me up at the end of the semester (I was studying at UC Merced at the time). It was once I was at home that I began to notice great improvement in my acne. By the time I came home though, I had been on the regimen for about a month, so I'm not sure if it's just that my face had gotten used to the treatment by then, or that I just really hated being at Merced and my face was showing the world just how much I hated it. Haha anyway, I've been home for about a month and a half now and I am just so happy these days. I haven't gotten a zit or any type of new acne in about 3 weeks. I haven't gotten any zits on my forehead in over a month. 95% of the acne I came with is gone, except for some annoying red marks of course, but those are slowly fading as well. Life is just so much better now. My family and friends have created the most awesome support system anyone could ask for and I literally forget I ever had horrible acne in the first place. I only have one big zit now that has bugged me for the last week or so, but it decreased about 50% in size over the last two nights, so I'm okay with it because once that one fades away, my face will finally be zit free again. (wooooooooo!) but yeah, this post is pretty much to say that DKR really works. You just have to give it time. I would look in the mirror practically all day, everyday just hoping for quick results. Eventually though, I realized that the results would slowly come in and to not worry about it so much anymore. About two weeks ago, I looked in the mirror and realized that I was regaining my baby face. :') my mother almost came to tears when I showed her through pictures just how much better my face has gotten. Stick to DKR, twice a day, and you won't be sorry. It's so amazing. If I ever meet Dan, I would probably kiss the guy. He has seriously saved my life. I hope that this post helps keep any new members with worries, on the right track to beating acne. :) Oh, and I do plan on posting my progress in the gallery soon. I've just been so busy enjoying my Summer and living life to sit down and post the pics I've taken. I'll get on it soon though. Haha

  3. i must say u look very cute in ur pic its hard to see coz its kinda bright but i can see some good features haha i tell it how i see it haha :),yeah i dont wanna go to the gym coz my acne is horrible and inflamed huge and red at the moment and i cant go anywhere without make up and if i am in the gym i would have to take it off and wouldn't feel uncomfortable right now with my skin in such state but i still workout at home when i can..are u on any meds for ur acne?...i agree with u about forgetting acne when having fun but when i look in the mirror that just kills it all and i dont want to be seen till i clear up

    Thank you. :) that's so sweet of you to say. Yeah, it's a pretty bright pic. Haha at times my acne was very inflamed as well and I had the same fear that anything I put on my face would show or run (moisturizer, sun block, etc.) but after a while I stopped worrying about it. I'm actually just following the regimen now and made drastic changes to my diet. I've gone completely off dairy, cut as much sugar as possible, and avoid any foods rich in carbs, for about a week now and haven't had any new pimples or break outs and the inflamed spots that I had our rapidly fading away. I do take vitamins, omega-3 and zinc though. I'm going to post photos of my progress as time goes by and hopefully my skin will completely clear up. They say diet isn't linked, but I actually tested how my face reacted to dairy and after several tests came to the conclusion that all dairy needs to go. Things are looking good so far. :)

    Ahh.. Yes, the mirror is definitely a common enemy amongst us. However, don't let a few spots bring you down too much. It's human to worry about acne, but it's bad to stress about it too much and avoid leaving your home because of it. You are very beautiful and a bit of acne doesn't make you any less so. :)

  4. It really sucks when its beautiful outside the sun in shining u hear kids playing and u would love to go out but when u look in the mirror and ur face is covered with acne knowing in the daylight acne will be more visible u just lock ur self up in the room feeling all frustrated and miserable and u close ur window blinds and its all dark inside.u make up excuses and lies to ur associates on why u cant go out eg.u tell them how ur sick and dont feel well,IB really suck i can't wait until retin a starts clearing me up i am on week 7 now inflamed acne and red marks all over :(

    I know exactly how that feels. I'm a student at UC Merced and my acne got so out of control that I didn't even want to go to class (I did though, not throwing that money away lol). However, I found that I was really the only one that cared about my acne. I play basketball a lot here and when I told a buddy of mine that I wasn't hitting the gym anymore because of my acne, he told me that no one ever notices and that I shouldn't stop doing something that I love because of acne. I'm sure they do notice it, but they know how much it bugs me and so they're really cool about it. I seriously think it's mostly a mental thing. Go out in the sun and have fun! Just make sure to slap on some SPF. :)

    P.S. Ever notice how you rarely think about your acne when you're out and having fun? Yeah, so go out more often and have fun. :)