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  1. I've been with my girlfriend for over 2 1/2 years (since our senior year of high school). However, we ended up doing long distance for a year because I went to school in Northern Cali and she stayed in Southern Cali. When my break out occured, we were close to the 1 year mark, and I was so devastated by the change in my appearance that I would act like a total tool and be a bad boyfriend. I would do these things not because I didn't care about her or loved her, but because I didn't feel good eno
  2. Thanks for the support everyone! You're all such wonderful, beautiful people.
  3. I cannot even describe how happy I am to have discovered The Regimen. When I first started DKR, my face was covered in cysts and just overall horrible acne. I didn't want to leave my room and at often times had an inner struggle when it came to gaining the courage to go to class. I was desperate for results and so I decided to give the regimen a shot. The first month came with mixed results. However, I must say that my acne was REALLY bad. My face would sting throughout the day and sometimes jus
  4. Thank you. that's so sweet of you to say. Yeah, it's a pretty bright pic. Haha at times my acne was very inflamed as well and I had the same fear that anything I put on my face would show or run (moisturizer, sun block, etc.) but after a while I stopped worrying about it. I'm actually just following the regimen now and made drastic changes to my diet. I've gone completely off dairy, cut as much sugar as possible, and avoid any foods rich in carbs, for about a week now and haven't had any new pi
  5. stopping by and showing some love :)

  6. I know exactly how that feels. I'm a student at UC Merced and my acne got so out of control that I didn't even want to go to class (I did though, not throwing that money away lol). However, I found that I was really the only one that cared about my acne. I play basketball a lot here and when I told a buddy of mine that I wasn't hitting the gym anymore because of my acne, he told me that no one ever notices and that I shouldn't stop doing something that I love because of acne. I'm sure they do no