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  1. DAY 52 - July 9th, 2011 Sorry everyone, it's been a... while. hah. Symptons Update: -Wow, I've come a long way and it hasn't even been two months. My face looks noticeably different. -People compliment me on how much better my face looks, and I love it. -My back and joint pain haven't even been a problem, I'm feeling 100% healthy, is it too good to be true? -Lips do get a little dry if I forget to use Aquaphor, but when I do use it, they are healthy, soft, and moist. - I do get head
  2. DAY 25 - June 12th, 2011 Symptons Update: - Fat part of lips are good, little dryness. - Corners of lips / mouth where it has cracked are healing. One side is pretty much all healed up, the other is lagging. I put neosporin and Aquaphor on them every couple hours. It finally doesn't hurt to open my mouth. - Back pain and joint pain have DECREASED! Woot. I've been drinking water and taking fish oil. It really helps. I've been playing basketball and running without any serious pain. Feels go
  3. Glad someone here shares the same activities and stuff that I do! I started drinking A LOT of water and it really helps out, with pretty much all of my symptoms actually! I'm gonna post another update today... I'll check out your log too! Thanks.
  4. Hey Zesty, you're going great on your accutane log. You're a handsome boy, you'll pull through awesome, I know it. <3 Hugs

  5. DAY 18 - June 5th, 2011 Symptons Update: - Main/Fat part of my lips are doing alright. Aquaphor is doing a good job... except the corners of my mouth are now cracked. It hurts to open them without Neosporin or Aquaphor applied. Hopefully they heal soon. Ouch. - Facial and body area are doing fine in terms of moisture levels. Cetaphil is working well. - Scalp has gotten better. I now have less flakes and dandruff, thanks to T-Gel. Itchiness has gone down. - Back and joint pain is a littl
  6. Lifting has become an issue for me too. My elbow joints hurt during biceps and triceps workouts, to the point of where I can't even do a complete rep at all. I'm going to start taking fish oil. I've heard that it helps with joint and muscle pain while on Accutane.
  7. I've already toned down the lifting. I've been stretching every morning, and I must say it helps. I feel pretty good today. Gotta make sure I sunscreen up and drink nothing but water today. Sunny Southern California. Yeah, the dryness is somewhat positive I guess! No whiteheads for a few days now... hopefully my Initial Breakout won't flare up anytime soon.
  8. DAY 10 - May 27th, 2011 Symptoms Update: - Back pain has gotten worse. When I bend it or put it in certain positions it really hurts. Need to start taking fish oil. Ibuprofen seems to reduce the inflammation and swelling though, it helps temporarily. - Lips are still getting pretty dry, but Aquaphor is doing a great job though. Seriously, keep applying lip balm / chapstick all day when on Accutane. - Face is mildly dry. The good thing about my face being dry is that it cleared up my white
  9. Thank you! Well, it's been very persistent. I've tried dozens of topicals and antibiotics and they don't seem to get the job done. Thanks again.
  10. WEEK 1: COMPLETE (40MG a day) Symptoms: - Lips are beginning to dry out more and more each day. Same goes for the face. - Lower back is sore - Knees are sore Products I use: - Cetaphil lotion (Face and Body) - Aquaphor (Lips) - T-Gel Dandruff/Flake Shampoo (Hair) Notes: Hopefully the joint/muscle pain doesn't become too much of a problem. I'm very athletic; I work out every other day, run every day, and will be surfing a lot this summer which is strenuous on the back. Dryness can be subdu
  11. DAY 6 I've taken 6 pills so far, which equals 6 days. Tomorrow marks one week. Lips are finally starting to dry out, but Aquaphor is doing a great job. I moisturize with cetaphil day and night; hopefully I can stay away from dryness completely... My IB (initial breakout) already started, I believe. Overnight I get random, inconsistent white heads that are red, painful, and swollen. I picked at one of them and now it's a bloody scar... STUPID me. I need to get out of that habit. They seem to
  12. Thanks for the quick tips. I hope I don't get too many joint pain problems, I work out, bike, and swim a lot. And I want to get a little tan before Accutane turns me into a ghost.. haha. Thanks again.
  13. I don't know how you came to the conclusion that after you take Accutane you become more womanly. If you're sarcastic you have poor taste.
  14. After a week and a half of waiting for my blood work to be completed, I just got back from Rite-Aid with my prescription of 40mg of Claravis brand Accutane. I will be taking only 1 pill a day, and the number of months is still to be determined. I will be keeping a photo/video diary, updating whenever I feel necessary or see changes.