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  1. 2.Bad going to be aweful...so tired of all this..but what can i do.
  2. i had an interview today...but i was feeling soooooooooooooo miserable..fresh new scars from clawing..huge painful pustules in and around my forehead..cluster of big whiteheads around my mouth and chin..still i went for my interview...was not bad..but i do want to feel better..
  3. very aptly put together by Sid..i turned into such an emotional mess..living in such consuming negativity, drowning myself further in self-pity..accutane sure did clear me up a lot..i was all clear..but because of the emo n psycho shit that came over me, i broke up with my beloved gal:( and that was the lowest point of my life ever.... About those nightmares, i used to keep having them too..and i still have em..mine go back to my childhood days..but i guess accutane made em worse and i used to
  4. Exercise....weight train..kick box/ shadow boxing..run...jump....just sweat it out....don't drown yourself!
  5. i don't know know why its so difficult for people to realise that acne+scars+pigmentation etc will all pass..i know acne has fucked up my life big time..and i wish i never had..but life goes on..we gotta live this life in the best way we can..even people with cancer/AIDS/Acute Diabetes etc live on..they try to live and enjoy as much happiness and give as much happiness as they can to their loved ones...and i betcha nobody would ever trade this pain for another one..when you are suffering it's al
  6. who punched u??u should start learning kungfu/boxing so that u can defend urself better;D
  7. not feeling good..hope the zinc helps..just started last week.. i met a gal after a long long time..we used to talk on the phone..and so we met in person..she was shocked i guess..what could i expect??me and my red face with my scars.i'm better off alone anyways..
  8. "i'm the hulk" i got the strength to kick anyone's ass..wish i could kick acne's ass too:DDDD
  9. no..alcohol does..alcohol can destroy your liver real bad.. if u're really goin on accutane..go easy..get proper rest and eat well..don't exert yourself!
  10. "A thing to remember is that acne can look so much worse to yourself when you spend most of your time looking and checking and covering up, other people probably notice it so much less than you do x" i hope this is true;D