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  1. Thanks for the reply . Quick question. Is it ok to apply retin-a to the affected areas only? I.e. discoloured areas caused by acne on both cheeks??
  2. Hi guys, I was prescribed Retin-A (more like I asked for it) as an attempt to reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation left in the aftermath of acne breakouts. I'm going to use it in combination with Duac (BP). Mornings: Duac (Benzoyl Per) Night: Retin-A Does that sound ok? How do I apply the Retin-A? Liberally vs moderately etc? Do I moisturise after or before the application? And do I need to use a toner too? Thanks, Z
  3. Thanks for the tip AcneSlayer and co! I'll get a facial wash with glycolic and give it a shot1!
  4. Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. I take your points! However, a GA wash with between 3-5% surely can't be that damaging, even to sensitive skin, right? Maybe that's an ignorant assumption, but I'm, not talking about a cream or a peel..? Were you referencing a face wash?
  5. I appreciate your reply.. It's not so much the spots/pimples that I am trying to fight.. I dont get many. But they are annoying because they leave darkened/blemishy patches behind them which can last years! There has been a darkened patch on my right cheek (not massive by any means), but still discoloured, and it's been there for as long as I can remember.. 5/6 years. So i was told a GA face wash or treatmeant would fight to restore a more even a unblemished skin tone.. So it wouldn't be to
  6. Is it a good idea to use a Glycolic face wash for a mild acne, but blemish-prone , combination/oily skin type? If so, what % would you recommend and how often would you advise using it if not day/night? BR, Z
  7. whats jojoba oil meant to do?
  8. LOL. I wash my face everyday and prune my nails regularly. I just have mild breakouts, but they always seem to leave dark patches/scarring/blemishes... Just want to know of some good products and routines I could do? I have combination/oily skin..
  9. Hi Guys, I have anglo-Asian skin type (so I'm olive-brown) and suffer from mild acne, that is that I break out with 2/3 spots every couple of weeks or so. More annoying than the spots themselves are the scars that are often left behand when they disappear. Perhaps scarring is too harsh a description, but my skin often blemishes/darkens in spots (both cheeks) after a spot has gone. While I've conceded the darkened/blemish patches may not ever disappear, I definitely need do something to better