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  1. skin is still ok. i still get a few spots now and then but they are usually small whiteheds. knock on wood. i just need the red marks to fade and then i will feel confident in my skinagain
  2. skin and lips slowly returning to normal. skin still slightly improving, red marks still prominent though, had a couple of small whiteheads emerge. one on my forehead, another on my jawline since i finished my course. nothing serious though. if my skin stays this way ill be seriously happy. i mean i can deal with a few small whiteheads every couple of weeks. fingers crossed guys, wish me luck!!!!
  3. Hi guys, been off accutane now for 3 days, all side effects still feel the same. hopefully they will lessen and completelely diminsh soon. i stillhave red marks that look pretty bad. however if they healed my face would be clear at this moment. so i guess i am optimistic.
  4. JamesD91

    Day 120

    hello fellow acne sufferers i really thought come this day with 2 days left of my course i would be saying goodbye to acne. while i don't have any active acne, i still look like shit. like my face is so red and had a few red marks and scars. i am still embarassed about my face. aww im quite sad about it. i really thought accutane would work wonders. don't get me wrong, it has worked but i tyhink the actives will startcoming back and the red marks seem as if they will Never fade. I
  5. JamesD91

    Day 116

    have less than a week left and a little bit worried... i don't really have any active acne, and the actives i do get in the last few weeks are very small and insignificant. However, the red marks are still the same as like a month ago and some are even still raised. i really thought by the end of my course that i would defo be clear. i guess i have to hope that the red marks will clear when im off accutane and no new ones will sprout.
  6. JamesD91

    day 109

    Everything is the same as my last post guys. red marks are really bringing me down. there is literally never any change. i wonder if they will ever fade????? got 2 weeks left.
  7. JamesD91

    day 102

    wow over 100 days! totally doesn't feel like that. anyway got 20 days left now and feeling ok i guess. skin: still dryish but nothing crazy. the reddening of the ace is annoying and some people notice it. lips: same as skin Body aches: hardly bother me at all rashes: taken care of with moisturizer acne: decent atm. again red marks still persist and i don't really seem to get much new active acne. the actives i do get are usually tiny whiteheads and barely noticeable. 20 days!
  8. JamesD91

    day 93

    on thefinal month now guys and skin still the same, red marks still persistent aaaaaaaaaah otherwise all giid
  9. JamesD91

    Day 85

    hey guys, okay so almost month 3. i know all people say it but it really is crazy how fast time flies when ur on this thing. skin: dryness isn't too bad. i apply cetaphil like 3 times a day and my face is fine. acne: could be worse but still not great. ahad a couple of whiteheads pop up but nothing too nasty. its just the red marks that are bothering me now. there is literally no change from week to week with them. im hoping i will see better improvements coming into the fourth month.
  10. JamesD91

    Day 78

    hey guys not having the best day today, hayfever is playing up and generally feeling quite shit. plus had a new spot pop up on my right jawline which is never good. apart from that nothing new. the red marks are a complete joke. like they won't fade at all. it seems like they will stay on my face forever oh another thing! i went out drinking and had quite alot. had no problems at all so far fingers crossed! ps i know you shouldnt drink but im determined to not let accutane or acn
  11. JamesD91

    Day 75

    Day 75 - Hey people, almost week 11 now and feeling ok i guess. skin still seems to be improving but also getting drier. same with the lips. i noticed a couple of muscles pains in my lower back and bum cheeks (believe it or not LOL) but nothing too bad. this only happens when i exercise. Ihave had a little mini-breakout at the side of my forehead but it is literally 3 little spots/whiteheads so i don';t really care. Apart from that nothing new. I PRAY that this improvement continues!
  12. Hi guys, been on accutane for almost 11 weeks now and have maybve seen a slight difference. however i work out ALOT like vigorous exercise every night. i usually work out 2 hours after taking kmy pills. will this affect the absorption of the accutane atall??? tHANKS
  13. JamesD91

    Day 71

    Hi guys, skin still improving and that bump i tyalked about in my last post turned into a puny whitehead and has diminshed already. yay! . One of my friends even commented that my skin was clearing up. although i can't really see it myself for all the red marks and reddend skin it means alot that someone has noticed something at least! side effects wise - my skin still isn't too dry. my cetaphil takes care of that. however i am developing quite bad red skin, when i work out or when i'm ho
  14. JamesD91

    day 68

    Okay guys, almost week 10 face is still improving. don't get many new actives and the actives i do get are usually superificial kind of small whiteheads. However I have a little red bump on my right cheek. hopefully this isn't a painful pustule/nodule/cyst. dry skin is lessening, does any1 find this? even tho my dose has been numped up there has been no difference in the side effects. I guess the dose possibly hasn't kicked in yet.
  15. JamesD91

    Day 65 (ish)

    I think its day 65, not quite sure. just started the 10th week anyway. feeling a bit better since my last post. im just going to stick with it. went to see my derm two days ago and she is reasonably happy. bumped up my dose from 40 mg per day to 60 mg per day so hopefully this will make the difference. so I have 180 pills left. tghis is 2 months worth becuase i take 3 a day. and then i go bak and see my derm in 3 months. (hopefully acne free). This seems unlikely at this moment in time