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  1. I know not everyone cares that I have acne (in fact, I know majority of people, male or female, probably couldn't care less). My boyfriend is one of them. I know that whether I'm clear-skinned or going through the worst breakout in history, or if I had a terrible burn accident and ended up with a scarred face, my boyfriend would love me the same and still find me beautiful. Same goes with everyone else I love. So really, that's not even an issue. But It doesn't change the fact that I would
  2. Its been a really long time since I wrote anything in here. My regime has changed a lot. Looking back I think there are a couple things I want to change back to because they worked better for my skin, but they also cost more so I'll need to manage my money before I can do that. Anyways, here is what I use now. Morning and Evening Wash face with Aqua Marina by Lush Tone with Breath of Fresh Air by Lush Moisturize with Vanishing Cream / Celestial by Lush Occasional spot treatment with T
  3. How old are you? Teenagers can be so mean... I'm so glad I am not one anymore, but I guess you can still be around teenagers if you're on a public bus or something even when you're older. I've never had anyone say anything to my face before, but I know people must notice because sometimes my face is really clear and sometimes it is really bad cause I will break out when I go through a bunch of stress/a busy schedule. I always feel like my friends can see it and are thinking something about i
  4. Yes! If you are cleansing your skin then a moisturizer is necessary. When you cleanse your skin you are removing a lot of natural oils that your skin needs. Moisturizers help restore and replace these oils. If you don't moisturize then your skin will actually produce MORE oils in order to balance out. There are some moisturizers out there that aren't great for oily skin because they can be kind of heavy and make your skin feel oily/greasy even throughout the day. However, they are moisturizers
  5. Make dressings in the evening or on the weekend and keep them in your fridge. The night before toss a bit of veggies together into a container, have your dressing separate in a small jar, and throw it all together when its your lunch break. I'm sure it'll be way cheaper for you too. According to chinese medicine, too much raw vegetables weakens the digestive power as it is hard to digest plus full of pesticides/bacteria. Spinach is high in oxalic acid and should not be eaten raw to prevent kidn
  6. Whatever I make, it always has to have Spinach and Avocado. Two of my favourite foods! Avocado, cucumber, spinach, and a tad bit of olive oil with some of your favourite spices (like basil or oregano) and you're set. You don't even need all that icky, sugary, creamy dressing! Sometimes I add small cubes of havarti if I feel like having cheese. Put them in a wrap too and they're really good. Make dressings in the evening or on the weekend and keep them in your fridge. The night before toss
  7. Of course, when there are establishments like McDonalds out there, eating healthy is always going to be the more expensive alternative. But overall, it is the BEST alternative. Would you rather pay a little more, be healthy, live longer, and feel great about the way you feel, or save a few bucks and load your body with filth?
  8. I can't afford manuka honey but I use a fresh, unpastueirzed organic honey and I mix it with cinnamon for a mask. The honey is detoxifying and very, very softening. I find it works well enough and I've never felt the need to purchase manuka. Cinnamon is nice because it lightly exfoliates. It also increases blood flow under the skin.
  9. Tea tree for sure. Just use it sparingly and I don't suggest applying it more than a couple nights in a row because it can dry out the area.
  10. Ideally, anything processed is bad for your health. Crackers are something that should be avoided, especially since they are a snack food and not something you'd eat in a balanced meal. If you need snacks between your meals try fruits or nuts. If you really need a cracker to munch on then try crackers that are made from raw ingredients.
  11. First entry! Here I will keep track of my current regime, and update with posts anytime I change anything about my regime. Morning and Evening* Wash face with Fresh Farmacy by Lush (calamine powder, chamomile, elderflower, lavender, tea tree oil, rose absolute, marigold flowers) Tone with Breath of Fresh Air by Lush (spring water, sea water, aloe vera gel, rose absolute, patchouli oil, rosemary oil, seaweed absolute) Moisturize with Celestial by Lush (vanilla water, almond oil, almond
  12. Hey! I'm not sure what you've tried or how long you have had acne problems, but this looks like it is probably a hormonal issue. So, even though medicated creams can help the current problems, they're not always as good at targetting the problems that will come from under the skin in the future. Although it is difficult to control hormones, there are some possibilities to helping them get not so out of hand. Some foods seem to trigger hormones to act up, but every individual is different so it
  13. Like you, I'm very pale and when I get a bump or two on my chest they are super noticeable. I've been getting a lot lately and as soon as one goes away another one appears and it's super annoying. I tried tea tree oil and it helped get rid of the couple that I had but, like I said, a couple more would just pop up in another place the next day, so I wasn't sure if the tea tree was helping or making it worse. I might try to dilute the oil and spray it on so its more gentle, in case it was i
  14. What comes to mind when I read this is all the amazing vitamins that you find in the ingredients you made your juice with. Skin, like any other organ of your body, needs proper vitamins and nutrients in order to function best. It is possible that you were lacking some vitamins that are very good for your skin before you started with this juice! Also, fruits and vegetables are very cleansing and will aid ridding the body of things that may harm our organs.