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  1. I use: Makeup Forever HD foundation ( only on a few red spots, never all over my face. I put this foundation on about 2% of my face just with my finger. I use it more as a concealer. ) Some Drugstore covergirl pressed powder my grandmother got me I also use a highlighting powder under my eyes and light blush from BH cosmetics Drugstore mascara To take this off I just use oats as a cleanser. Takes it ALL off surprisingly.
  2. Well I understand how you feel C: I went through my teenage life with horrible, painful cystic acne. What made it even worse is no one in my family has acne. Not my mom, not my dad, both of my little sisters have perfect skin. So I was the oddball, always wondering "why me." I realised it was really bad when my DAD even asked me if I washed my face regularly ( not to be rude at all, my entire family was very understanding and was always trying to help me ). I went through tons of over t
  3. Here's my topic on using just plain oats for a facewash: Good luck!
  4. It can clog your sink drain. That's why I go ahead and wet the oats, and then use the plug in my sink to plug it up and wash my face over the sink. After I'm done I'll grab some toilet paper and wipe up all the oats and just toss it, then rinse my face off ( since by then most of the oats have fallen off anyway XD ) When I wash my face in the shower I just rinse everything down the drain. But oats have been SUCH a miracle for me, and it's nice to never have to spend 20 dollars on a face wash
  5. The cleanser I use right now actually exfoliates wonderfully. I'm using just plain quaker oats as a cleanser day and night. Just add a bit of water and enjoy a super gentle, moisturizing cleanser! Plus your face will smell yummy.
  6. Oats. Just plain quaker oats. Like, no joke. I've vowed to pretty much never go back to store bought cleansers ever again. Here's the post I made about it so I don't just ramble and repeat stuff.
  7. Oatmeal cleanser! I've been pretty much swearing by this ever since I started using it a month ago. All you need is plain quaker oats, water and a moisturizer. You can check out what I do in the thread I had posted. Good luck!
  8. Oatmeal cleanser. Just plain, quaker oats oatmeal, and water. Take a handful of oats, get them nice and wet, cleanse your face with your hands for about a minute, pat your face for about 30 seconds to get your blood going ( I do this morning and night ), and then apply a light moisturizer. I've been doing this for a month and am 100% clear. You don't need to worry about feeling stripped or dry or irritated afterwards, because it's completely natural and very moisturizing, not to mention GENT
  9. Yup! It exfoliates just gently enough for me to be able to use it day and night.
  10. Hey everyone! So I've posted a few topics here over the years about my face routine. However, as of about a month ago, I came across the best, BEST method I've ever used. So much better that I'm never going back to a regular cleanser ever again. Oatmeal. That's it. Regular, PLAIN quaker's oatmeal. I always liked the idea of natural remedies for the face, but didn't think they'd ever work. Some information on me. I'm a 20 year old female. I had moderate to severe hormonal acne
  11. 1. How long have you used it? I've used these products for about 3 years 2. What are the effects? Soft, silky, clear skin! 3. No idea what this question is asking 4. Do you have sensitive skin? Yes. 5. Do you reccomond this? I reccomond these products 11O%
  12. Well keep in mind even in low percentages it's a very harsh chemical. Personally I'd suggest you stay away from both chemicals if possible.
  13. I have tested a number of products containing and not containing SA. All products that contain SA broke me out. And not the "unglogging your pores" kind of breakout. The "oh my god my skin hates this crap" kind of break out. I personally stay away from SA and BP all together.
  14. Hey guys! So I know a lot of people on here try billions of products looking for the one for them. Well I'm here to share a method that's not only cheap, but extremely effective and very gentle on your wonderful face. So some background about me and my blemish history Firstly I had mild, then moderate to severe cysts from around age 15 to 18. Mostly around my jawline and around the sides of my hairline. My skin was very oily, always felt dirty. I had tried hundreds of prodcuts l
  15. Good luck with the AVC! I've been using it for YEARS and it's a miracle. It's probably the one thing in my regimen that keeps my face completely clear. However I don't use Bragg's, I personally hate it. It broke me out a LOT. I use Spectrum Organic Unfiltered AVC.
  16. Nah I never fall for it :P Breaking my skin routine isn't an option, I just love looking at all the other things.
  17. So your face is clear, you've found a regimen that works. You're at the store, and for giggles and grins you go to the skin care section. And you see all the pretty cleansers and moisturizers and masks, and you almost try to convince yourself that some of these things might be better than what you're using, even though you know they aren't. Sometimes I feel drawn to all the pretty facial products just because..they look pretty! Especially Skin Food prodcuts, but really just any facial pr
  18. Like everyone's been saying, it's mostly just a "you have to get used to it" kind of thing. I had to learn to sleep on my back when I got 2 helix piercings on both ears, but it wasn't too hard, took me maybe 4 days.
  19. I actually used that exact clay mask before. I liked it, but it's definitely not for an every day thing. Once, twice a week max. I liked it. I don't use it anymore because I don't really use any masks.
  20. No joke, Love ETC from The Body Shop. Oh my god, it's like heaven in a bottle! My fiance goes crazy when I wear it. I don't like fruity scents. I like clean, elegant, sexy "musks" if you will. Nothing too overpowering.
  21. You could always just use Apple Cider Vinegar. It has AHA's in it, and it's a lot more gentle than most store bought AHA's.
  22. What worked for you if you don't mind telling? Not at all Well I found out that my face reacts badly to Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, which would explain why I was never truely "clear" as a young teen, pretty much everything I used had one of those in it. Basically I just started experimenting and found my "holy grail" routine. I wash my face morning and night, both routines are the same. Morning & Night: Wash with Cetaphil Daily ( "Oily" if you're in Canada ) Facial Cleanser using
  23. I really like anything Cetaphil. You could try their moisturizing lotions.