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So cheap Natural! Evens skin tone Gently exfoliates Fades scars and red marks Helps dry out and heal blemishes Easy to use Lasts forever The smell could bother some people, but it doesn't last very long This is one of the best products in my regimen. I've been using it for a good 3 or so years. I mix a solution of 1/2 AVC and 1/2 water in a little bottle and keep it on my bathroom counter. I do NOT use Bragg's AVC. The one time I decided to switch

By ForQuestions,

VERY gentle Clears acne like NOTHING else! :3 Leaves skin moisturized, even in dry weather Makes my skin feel natural and clean Absolutely nothing I've been using Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser ( Oily Skin Facial Cleanser as it's called in Canada ) with my Clarisonic Brush for YEARS. It is the only thing I'll ever use. People complain that it doesn't lather? When I put a pump onto my Clarisonic, I'll put a bit of water on it and rub my finger over the brush in a circle until I

By ForQuestions,

Feels great Exfoliates gently Can be used with any cleanser or scrub Keeps pores clear Helps blemishes Waterproof Doesn't require batteries Sturdy (I've dropped it a few times in the shower) None! I have been using Clarisonic for much over a year, and recently bought the MIA version for travel. I and my sister both love it. It exfoliates gently without having to use harsh scrubs ( even if you would like to use a scrub, you can apply the product to your face a

By ForQuestions,