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  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering if I have PF. I used to have a problem with body acne on my chest and back, and after a course of roaccutane (which was hell), it subsided. Fast forward a few years and I got my chest waxed, badly, by a few drunken friends. I'm a hairy guy and my, what I see as excessive and random, chest hair has caused me similar insecurity problems as the body acne did when I was younger. Obviously, my chest flared up and I got red spots everywhere. The redness eventually somewhat
  2. Okay, so any help would be much appreciated! Just a little background of my situation: In my teen years I had a problem with body acne - my chest and back suffered from mild-moderate acne. I went on a course of roaccutane that was hell for dry skin but effectively cleared up most of the problem, as far as I can remember. Then, one drunken night, I got my chest waxed (I'm a hairy guy) The spots came, and obviously this was because of the waxing - and due to the amateur wax the redness and ing
  3. Sorry, posted in wrong section. Please delete.