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  1. It does and it doesn't. I write this as a 22 year old who faced terrible acne all throughout highschool and am sort of... revisiting this aspect of my life as of late (Not that I'm literally getting acne anymore). For me, my skin is basically clear now expect for some scarring and red marks I hope to get rid of eventually/let them fade away. To everyone else, it's unoticable. To me, they are the first thing I see every time I look in the mirror. The advice I can give you is this: Don't do any
  2. I don't remember when/for how long, but I certainly gave the following the old college try: Derma-E scar gel (I think for over 6 months? It did a lot, and cleared up/reduced a lot of my red marks, but didn't get rid of them), ACV (I tried for i think a month or two? No noticeable difference from what I remember), and time. I didn't want to pummel my face with things so soon after I finally got rid of acne, so I gave it time to heal. I've had this last batch of scars for over 2 years now though,
  3. Long story short, I've faced Acne since I was about 14. It got terrible at 16. And finally started to go away at 19. I'm 21 now, and I still get the occasional zit here or there (maybe once every month a half), and it goes away pretty quick leaving no marks. That being said, I still have a bunch of, what I believe are called, red marks from my bad acne time. I tried a ton of stuff back then to get rid of them, and some of it worked a little bit, but I'm worried that time does NOT heal all wounds