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  1. i took two pills within 2 hrs once, and then i took one the next morning i wouldn'y worry about it...
  2. I've been on tazorac and doxy for almost 3 weeks(3 weeks tomorrow.) My skin has really made an improivement although its hard to tell because my face is peeling badly right now because i got a sunburn(when it says stay out of direct sunlight on the bottle they aren't kidding.) If I were you i would give it a shot. Goodluck...Pax.
  3. My brother has been on clindamycin .01% or maybe .1% wipes for 4 years(thats all he uses) and he has been clear all those years...Goodluck...Pax.
  4. This is awesome to hear, and its awesome that its working great for you. I'm not using anything extra(such as bp) either tscorpio nad i'm 2 and a half weeks into treatment. My skin really is looking better. I'm so excited. I hope everyone is able to keep posting their progress. Pax and goodluck.
  5. Ah money, the true root of all evils, this is truth...Pax
  6. You still have yet to give a way to get rid of it...I think you're bluffing...
  7. I've been on doxy for 2 1/2 weeks now, so i cant really awnser your question...but i can say that i know that when i'm clear, i dont come to the boards, i think its just a psycological thing(then again any decision we make is.) So yeah. Pax
  8. It has gotten a lot better(knock on wood.) But really it has made great improvement, hopefully this sunburn i just got today wont hinder any efforts to much(i thought a hat was good enough....right) So yep its really a lot better looking, and my back is clearing really well. We'll see how it goes. Pax.
  9. 2 weeks and a day into tazorac and doxycycline...Pax.
  10. Um...yeah, go to the top right of your screen and click Clear Skin Regimen. Pax.
  11. Its been a week and a half for me, and I'm doing really well(knock on wood that an intial breakout is not mounting.) I've been taking doxy 2x a day and taz at night, I'm not applying anything during the day. Pax.