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  1. Hi everyone, I have been suffering from severe acne since I was about 12 years old...I am now 23 and FINALLY on accutane, I just started month 4. Last week, I found out I had endometriosis and the doctor told me that I should get an IUD (Mirena) to help treat it. Anyways, I started doing my research and I have been reading nothing but horror stories about Mirena and how it makes people break out like crazy. I was wondering if anyone has gotten an IUD or Mirena while on Accutane or has taken
  2. Today is the beginning of month 3. I have switched brands from Amnesteem to Claravis. I had to pay $256 at Wal-Mart for a 30 day supply because right now I don't have insurance. Sigh... My blood work was all great and my white blood cell count is back to normal and I am feeling a lot less fatigue. I still feel tired and not as energetic as normal but it has gotten a lot better over the last couple of weeks. Skin is doing better. No active breakouts at all just a lot of red marks and my fa
  3. So I am a little behind, I should already be in month three but I got pushed back like a week because in May when I went for my prescription I couldn't get it because the pharmacy here at the hospital wouldn't accept my insurance (I live on a reservation so the system here is way different) wouldn't cover my Accutane. So it was a huge run around. I missed about 4 or 5 days, then I missed another about 1 week or 2 ago because I was feeling pretty crappy and sick so I decided to skip. Either w
  4. Thanks for the words of advice!! It's reassuring to know that there are so many people in the same boat this website has been so helpful. They just keep coming and going like a rollercoaster lol hopefully soon it'll start to clear without all the fluctuations. As for my white blood cell count I have no idea what is going to happen my appointment has been bumped to thursday so we'll see.
  5. Thanks for this the first link and graph were definitely encouraging. :) I do take my accutane with food but I am also taking 1000 mg of fish oil and biotin so maybe this affects the accutane? I am vegetarian so I am not sure if I should be taking accutane with more "hearty" or greasy foods? I normally eat cereal or oatmeal for breakfast I tend not to eat heavy foods.
  6. From what I understand is that if you didn't already have an initial breakout with your first dose and you're this far in you probably won't have one, but everyone is different. Good luck!!! You're already 3 months in!
  7. Hey guys so I am on day 46 of accutane at 40 mg a day. At my last visit to the doctor I was told I had a low white blood cell count and he wanted to take me off but I literally begged him to keep me on it lol! I'm worried about next month (it's coming up 2 weeks) and I hope it's okay to still be on it. Secondly, accutane has made me noticeably more sensitive and irritable and it sucks. I am not depressed or anything but it just makes my moods more up and down I guess I feel so mad sometimes!
  8. So it's been awhile since I last wrote a blog and all I can say is that I am frustrated!!! First of all, my white blood cell count was down the last time I went to the doctor and he wanted to take me off. Hopefully when I go back again the first week of June it will be okay to stay on. Secondly, I have noticed accutane makes me a lot more "irritable". I am a lot more sensitive than usual I guess and it sucks. It's not terrible but enough for me to seek outlets to get rid of it. I am going
  9. Thanks!! Well I was able to stay on but I'm getting a blood test June 5th for month 3 and hopefully my white blood cell count is better it sucks! And the accutane for sure has made my mood really irritable it's really strange I've never felt so angry at the drop of a hat lol! I cant wait to be done with this!
  10. Today is day 31 and I am so glad to be done with month one! I went to the dermatologist today and my white blood cell count is low so this is bad news...he wanted to take me off of Accutane but I told him I felt fine and I haven't been sick or anything. He consulted with my dad (who is also a physician and they work in the same hospital) and they decided that I need to get my blood drawn again on Monday. The dermatologist was going to bump me up to 60 mg but after today he decided to kee
  11. sundevil_87

    My Gradual Progress Album

    I want to track my progress with accutane! :)
  12. Um today is either day 23 or 24 I haven't taken my pill yet but I decided to write a blog anyway. My hands are so dry and I have this rash that seems to be spreading all over my arms. I tried putting unscented lotion on it to help but it's not working so I am going to ask my dermatologist what to do when I see him in about a week. I broke out with 4 pimples on my left and 1 on my right...I'm supposed to be getting my period soon so I think that is contributing to that but it sucks!!! I a
  13. Hi guys so I'm on day 23 of Accutane and I'm getting my period in a few days...my face was doing fine until about 2 days ago when I get like 5 breakouts. They aren't huge or cystic just REALLY red. Is it normal to still get hormonal breakouts while on Accutane??? I'm on 40 mg a day. Does anyone know when the breakouts will stop??
  14. I was only supposed to take mine for 3 months too. I am also on 40 mg. But my derm said the same thing to me so I'm on it until September and there is a chance he will bump me up to 60 mg a day. I'm using Clinique Comfort Cleanser I really love it. My skin isn't dry at all it's great! How is your skin doing now?? Mine is getting a lot better! Month one is almost over!