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  1. Hi guys I used to be a regular user on this site. But my acne improved (still not completely clear ) and i found other things to do with my time. Anyway thought id come back to check out what was going on and everyone seems to have fucked off. Seriously what happened
  2. thanks for the reply's guys. i guess im just going to have to push myself to be more proactive ( no reference to the product i've tried it and its shit lol) when it comes to talking to people. i checked and im not allowed pets in my building which is pretty annoying ive always wanted a dog . I am a member of a gym its just so hard to chat to people because they all have headphones on but I'll keep trying. overall i still feel lonely and time seems to drag when im at home. im looking forward t
  3. hi everyone i have recently moved to Bath, Somerset from London ( im originally from yorkshire). Its been a few months now and the novelty of moving city has worn off and ive started to feel so isolated as i have no friends in the area and i work with people who are 10 + years older than me and i find it hard to relate to them plus the fact im shy due to my acne anyway. I've suffered from depression for several years in my mid teens and im starting to slip back into that cycle once again.
  4. tbh i would argue that the internet and modern media is part of the reason alot of people have become so isolated, selfish and socially retarded. (obviously im not including acne.org or its members lol)
  5. that shit used to burn like crazy when i first used it, and it fucking stinks. not a bad product for mild to moderate acne though, unfortunately my acne was in the moderate to severe category by then and i only had minimal results
  6. the eggs i get are organic( i get them form my local butcher) can you rephrase the oat question i dont really know what you mean. and yeah i do eat a lot of fruit but they satisfy my cravings for other sugary foods so i'll stick with them for now lol.
  7. oats are a great way to bulk. i eat about 150 grams per day plus 50grams of ground flax seed , 25grams of frozen blueberries and a banana and i have this 3 times a day. i then have 6 eggs for lunch and meat, sweet potato and 2 veggies for dinner. this totals betweeen 3500-4000 calories, alongside lifting weights i guarantee you will gain weight. im now 6 foot 3 and weigh around 215 pounds and my acne has never been better.
  8. Hi everyone Before you read this please excuse my ignorance and lack of knowledge on the subject. I was recently thinking about how much of a nutrient our bodies need on a daily basis. and how it would have been almost impossible for our ancestors to get all the nutrients and the amounts recommended to us now in a world where they had to hunt and gather food and go days without any food at all. I then discovered that for some vitamins, like A, D, E, and K (the fat soluble vitamins),
  9. Can you explain how after years of healthy dieting i had no change in my skin and once i started relaxing and just eating what i wanted to eat ( including "junk" food ) my acne is almost completely gone. Well, relaxing might be a clue. Depends on how sure you are about what products are harmful for you. If I knew I'm allergic to gluten I would have no problems never having a piece of bread in my life. But with acne it's just guessing - maybe I'll try to exclude dairy, maybe citrus fruits, ma
  10. Can you explain how after years of healthy dieting i had no change in my skin and once i started relaxing and just eating what i wanted to eat ( including "junk" food ) my acne is almost completely gone.
  11. ive always found my skin looks better after ive been sweating. for the last 3 weeks ive had to wait 2-3 hours after exercise before i shower because of building work on my house and ive seen no change in my acne. which is weird because for years i was always so stressed that i had to wash my face immediately after exercise
  12. 2500-2700 is a bit excessive for a girl especially a skinny one. I'd just add around 400 calories to what you're currently consuming and Stick to a 5x5 program and maybe add some sprints.
  13. everyone with acne has it because of their genetics is one way or another. i have been able to control acne with diet but i dont know whether the improvement with my skin has been due to diet or just with age.
  14. most people find that they can control their acne with good diet and exercise. but it probably wont completely cure it. accutane is an option but only if he has severe symptoms and the side effects must be considered before you start
  15. how much fat is in your diet apart from oil