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  1. Hey Paul, You're correct, I did both single needling and dermaneedling. And also tca. I wouldn't worry too much about how you specifically go about it. The point is you're breaking up scar tissue and bringing blood flow to the scar. Tca and needling both obliterate scar tissue bit by bit. They are just different methods of the same thing. And it takes time and LOTS of repetition, and proper nutrition is essential. Skin cells turn over every 30 days, I believe. So, keep at it!
  2. I have not gotten cross from him but I do like and recommend him.
  3. Yes, vitamin E actually sheds skin and also softens the scar tissue, so it will remodal and help bloodflow renew the scar in combonation with massage. You'll want to needle it though too. Well, dissolve isn't the right word. You don't want a hole in your face. But vitamin E will indeed help soften and renew the scared skin and accelrate heaing along with needling.
  4. You can microneedle it. Scar tissue is scar tissue, no matter how big or small. Break it up and create blood flow to the area so that new tissue can be created.
  5. Okay, thanks! No, I am not using any other creams. There is no need to "stimulate collagen" with creams. That's what your body does when it's needed, if it's given enough calories and protein from the right sources. You can do massage though. That will bring blood flow to the area and you can also try to manually help break up scar tissue with rolling the skin together between your fingers. Soap and water. The redness depend on how hard you go and how healthy you are. Sometimes d
  6. Thank you for answering, you really do inspire me and even though it seems like i will never get there (literally) i know i can do it and reading what you wrote gives me even more hope... i bought the vitamin e with progesterone (protest-e) i have been using it for about 3 months, did you apply it on everyday? and did you get any clogged pores from it ever? i put it on every night about 30 drops (about a huge line on my index finger) and then rub it on for like 15 min (it takes forever to a
  7. I use Spironolactone and diet. Spiro is a Godsend for me. But it did take about 6-9 months before I totally stopped breaking out. However I DID treat scars during that period too. But diet is still very important. If I stray and eat junk food I will get clogged pores again. Did you do the TCA at home yourself?? My scars are so similar to yours please please please tell me what you bought and how you did this pleasee! Your skin looks AMAZING now!! Yes, I do tca an
  8. Most of it is good, but bean, lentils, etc are not. And the other problem with it is that fructose is very important for a high temp and metabolism. And Paleo is all about avoiding sugar. I destroyed my hormones doing paleo and avoiding sugar for a year and a half. Now I eat a lot of sugar (clean sources). Mainly ripe fruit and OJ are the best kind. Especially fresh squeezed orange juice that hasn't been pasteurized because it has an excellent mineral balance. Yes, sooooo important.
  9. Because they are inflammatory, harmful, accelerate aging and are hard to digest. They hurt your metabolism and therefore your ability to heal well. There's a ton of info out there about why you should stop eating grains and espectially wheat. Do your research. Here's something to help you get started. http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/glycemia.shtml
  10. 1. I use the sterilizing powder they sell on owndoc's website. 2. the same 3. I don't wash it off 4. 30% 5. Yes, it helps. Of course, your skin will heal but the diffrence between good results and so-so results might be the use of Vitamin E. It will help you heal better, it's your choice if you use it or not. Any occclusive ointment is a good thing, something that traps CO2 under it, for example, tape is good too.
  11. I didn't have any type of strict schedule but I tried to do either stamping or tca at least once a month or sometimes every 2 weeks alternating the two. If you do a deep tca you often have to wait a couple months before you can do it again. i haven't read all pages, just an overview iam interested in derma stamping as i did something similar awhile back with derma rolling, but im not sure i did it long enough. I also hated it. TCA scares me because every damn ti
  12. I use the ONLY pure Vitamin E I know of. If they used a vitamin E dissolved in soy or in any other inflammatory unsaturated fatty acid I could see it causing problems. I can't use MOST of the vitamin E out there for this very reason, it's often in soybean oil. Anyone know what vitamin E they used in the study? I'd like them to prove they used a pure one, otherwise it's a pointless study. Vitamin E dissolved in anything inflammatory negates the point of it. Also WHO PAID for this study? Keep i
  13. I've heard of countless horror stories about silicone injections but no disastrous fallout yet from subcision gone terribly wrong. With subcision, you're basically breaking up the tethered scar tissues so I can't think of any major risk other than possible infection.
  14. I use a toothpick with usually a 30% tca to spot treat scars, I dont' usually do full face because of the downtime.