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  1. I'm back with an updated pic! I am loving my results! My skin continues to improve and I only wear primer...no base...no powder! I am so happy! I received numerous comments on my complexion at a get together over the weekend. I am very careful always...never go out in direct sunlight for more than 15 minutes at a time and always wear sunblock.
  2. Gerb00

    Fraxel Treatment Journey

    Photos taken during fraxel treatments.
  3. Hi there~ If you click on the "Browse" and then "Upload" links below the box to reply, you can upload the images. Then, if you click on the spot where the image uploaded, choose the first box. It is the option to insert the photo into the text area. I don't know if this is what you did or not, but this is what I do and it works. I would love to see the pics~ Thanks for the post. Glad your treatment worked out well!~ Donna
  4. 4th Fraxel Treatment Week 3. Skin much smoother. Scars still visible but much, much better than before!
  5. Well, I know I seem like I am sad or something in this pic, but I am actually just swollen all over my face and pretty red. My nose is peeling and my eyes look offset due to the swelling. Not so flattering folks! Anyways, I am very excited that all the treatments are behind me. I have an appointment in a month to see how all this has worked and to see if I might get additional help with the scars that did not heal so well. It is supposed to take 6 months after the last treatment to get full resu
  6. 3rd Fraxel treatment day 2. Okay folks...this is how I look today; about 45 hours after my third treatment. I wish the camera would do it justice, but it doesn't. I am really brown today and my skin is scaley. I am still really puffy all over my face and it makes it awkward to smile. My eyes are still very puffy especially. It is three digit temps here so I only stepped outdoors to take this pic...then right back in! That's all to report today. Donna
  7. I don't know what type of laser they used on you, but the one my doctor used is not the most aggressive type so I feel more comfortable with that. You can see my pics and I did not have the oozing, bleeding, etc. than many people have expressed. The overall texture of your skin will change (and improve) if nothing else. I always wear the googles. They go right around my eyes but not eye sockets..(make sense?) so she went around my eye sockets and avoided the more sensitive eye area. You do hav
  8. Well, I had my third fraxel treatment done yesterday. It is getting less bothersome because I know what to expect. She still uses the highest setting for my cheek areas and kicked it up from 50 to 55 for the rest of my face. My eyes are really swollen today along with the area around my mouth. My lips are pouting! I now know how I would look with lip augmentation. lol I am really red and puffy but feel just fine. This is my weekend to stay indoors until Monday when I have to go to work. I nev
  9. Well, I had my 3rd fraxel treatment done yesterday. It is getting more tolerable because I know what to expect and how long it takes. I count the passes as she goes over my face and count them down! lol My eyes are more swollen this time. She went around them more than before so I expected that. I am red as usual and nothing unusual happening. My mouth is very swollen though. I seem to have "folds" AKA "wrinkles" around my mouth so she zapped those really well. I will upload pics later on.
  10. Are you having more treatments? You will notice a difference in just a few days. After the second treatment a really big difference. I have my third one tomorrow so I will be ablaze again for an afternoon! Ug Be patient..you will see a difference. It takes time for the collagen to start to replinish.
  11. You do not have to peel to get results. Give it time and you will see the texture of your skin completely change. At least you didn't get your face so fried that now you are worried about the long term damage like some folks have. Mine did the same thing; waited to peel...never did but the texture of my skin hasn't been this good since my 20's and I am 50!
  12. I just use spray tanning beds. I love the water but have had enough sun for more than a lifetime! I only swim indoors now. I know dermatologists have some kind of light they use that is really helpful but I don't know what it is called. Someone here can tell you I'm sure. I believe it is a blue light...might be wrong. Keep us posted with everything! Donna
  13. Thank you!! I am noticing a world of difference. I am very happy with the results so far. Thanks about the eyes! I will keep posting pics, even up until 6 months or so after all the treatments are complete. Donna
  14. 20 days after the second fraxel treatment and I am loving the results so far. My skin texture is completely different and there are patches of skin where I see nothing but smooth! I have my third treatment in one week and I can hardly wait! It is kind of wierd, but I have not peeled one time. Don't want to necessarily...just thought it was odd..more later!