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    I have recently become intrigued with the biochemiy behind ance, and I wish to understand it.
  1. Awesome, thanks. I planned on doing this anyways. For some reason I'd thought I should get confirmation.
  2. Okay so here's the breakdown. I just finished a Accutane course in June, but now my acne is starting to come back. There aren't any cysts or nodules but it is getting pretty bad. Getting to moderately severe I would say. I chalk it up to stress and my not so good diet. Anyways my derm prescribed me tretinoin gel. I've used tretinoin before but it was the cream. I have done a little research and I came across that you should slowly introduce it to your skin. I didn't do that when I used it before
  3. Actually I have noticed some spotting on my teeth, never knew what it was though. But there are so few that it's pretty questionable. I do realize that. Honestly I have little knowledge about teeth or anything dental, so I will have to do more research. I have not come to consensus about anything right now. If I do, I will post my opinion here. Not to mention I'll take everything I read, with a grain of salt.
  4. Thanks for replying everyone. I will have to do some serious research, when I have time. Honestly when I posted this I was kind of worried but really there is no quick fix. I am almost certain that the anti-biotics did a lot of damage to the dentin and caused the enamel the to yellow this much. I do have a bottle of pro-biotics but I stopped taking then because I thought they did more harm than good. I mean I think they broke me out. I wouldn't mind using them again if it'll help my teeth. Diet-
  5. Sometimes I wish life should be easy, but where's the fun in that?

  6. Okay so I have yellow teeth. I think because for a long time I was on antibiotics for my acne, it made them this way. Tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline were the ones I have taken. Plus I just finished up an Accutane course in June. Although I can't exactly remember when I started to have teeth this stained, I do know it has been this way for at least a year. Maybe two. I started taking tetracycline when I was about 12, I think. I usually brush my teeth twice a day with a whitening toothp
  7. @Murph89 Well I think it did me a lot of good. Techinally it was only 6 months because I went three weeks without taking it, right in the middle of my course. I did that because my insurance didn't pay the $700 for the medication. So I had to order it from a company in Canada and it took three weeks to ship from Europe. It only cost $250 per month and that saved a ton of money of what I would have payed. @angelgarza1 I already know that diary can cause acne issues so I strive to avoid it. Alt
  8. Okay, well I obivously did not update this blog very much at all. Like I have many times in the past, I gave up. I just saw no point in it because my life finally was busy for a change. During my freshmen year in high school I have pretty much come out of my shell, for the most part. My skin wasn't clear and it had its high & lows. I started not to worry as much about appearence when I couldn't do much about it. So it has been a little over a month since I finished my course. Since then my a
  9. Well there could be other factors playing in this. Were you using any treatments, medicated cleansers or things of that nature when you had minor acne? Are you still using these products? Has your diet, exercise, sleeping habits changed? Any other things you're concerned about? Also was the retin-a cream or gel? The cream has isopropyl myristate and isopropyl myristate is very comedogenic. Making it worsen acne than help it. If you can answer these questions I should be able to help you further.
  10. I done taking Accutane in five days and I had a horrible breakout yesterday. So the thought came to me that maybe Accutane didn't really work for me. I have had some breakouts these last two months but they don't really compare to my current state. Anyways my derm recommended that if my acne comes back, apparently it comes back worse if it does, to treat it aggressively. But I don't want to use some brand-name retinoid gel/cream again. I just want to use tretinoin gel, not the cream. What worrie
  11. I was on a regimen similar to this for the longest time (over a year). Is your retin-a cream or gel? If it's a cream it might contain isopropyl myristate which is very comedogenic. About the anti-biotics my opinion is they are so over-used to treat acne and can cause worse acne if they're used for too long. So you’re better off finding a better alternative like natural treatments perhaps, eating healthier, exercising etc. which can help your acne and your overall health. About my personal experi
  12. Okay well I better get back on this wagon. I haven't masturbated since last Sunday so it is day 4 and I seemed to break out the day after, like usual. Now I'm saying no more. Right now I have 8 active inflamed pimples of varying size. I'm usually to busy and tired at the end of the day to masturbate, currently anyways. So I keeping busy and productive seems to help a lot. Hopefully I can actually make to day 30.
  13. Well now's it's day... let me count. Day 78? Oh well my acne seemed to be really good last weekend and then my face got stupid again. But I understand it should only start to improve more and more now. Plus my life is getting even more stressful with all that is happening. My free weekends are no longer free and my weekdays are usually filled with homework. And thanks for replying wmd1234. Actually I've pretty much been using what is in my siggy. But I am due to get more cleanser and moisturizer
  14. Day 65 Okay so I know I haven't been consistent in updating this log. But there isn't much to log about. I still breakout, maybe not as much as before and my skin is not as oily as it was. I kind of feel that my oil level is like a little bit above normal level, maybe. I'm not sure what is normal but all I care is that it's not super oily anymore. I will try to keep this updated but I make no promises.
  15. Day 47: My face is still not very dry, just less oily is all. My acne was getting pretty bad but it lessened up a little this week. I just want the few months to go well, hopefully. Depression wise, I'm not feeling depressed. Which is really good. I have been saying stuff like "Oh I'll just shoot myself..." etc. lately to things I don't want to. I realized it became a habit so I'm trying not to do it anymore. I will try to update more consistingly but I really didn't just find the time to sit a