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  1. Hello a scab came off after a tca cross 10 day ago, it was faint, I thought the best hting would to do is put e45 on to help heal even more but its made is slightly darker after leaving a blob of e45, what to do ? Advise really appreciated, Nevergiveup1
  2. I founs E45 better , is it ok to use on scab? nevergiveup1
  3. Which is more effective after a scab falls off and its still pink Vit E or E45 ????????? feedback welcome, nevergiveup1
  4. Thanks Arina, What do you think are the best fillers out there ? Is it some ones own fat ? Who are the best Dr that do fillers, that is the question?? Cheers nevergiveup1
  5. Hello Thanks for the feed back been avoiding water on the scabs as well, polysporin never heard of this what is and how good is it and where do you get it from ? Cheers nevergiveup1
  6. Hello All, Whcih is the best filler in the world for boxcar scars? we have people who have tried all the diffrent fillers, i would love to get a poll up to see what every one suggests! If mods read this can we sort a poll out, nevergiveup1
  7. What after care will help with tca cross? any thing to help the healing ? I have been avoiding the sun as I can imagine this is bad for the healing process, nevergiveup1
  8. Its going ok there scabed but the main one doesnt seem to have enough scab on it, have to wait and see any advise with after care on tca cross welcomed !! nevergiveup1
  9. Morning all need some advise for after care for TCA Cross any one had and tell me whats works well cheers nevergiveup1
  10. After you had a tcs cross, I was thinking its not a good idea to wash face as water and scabs dont mix, I have very small scabs I beleive forming in the scar on 2 boxcar scars, I took the pluge cold water then towel quick but i dont think its a good idea but not sure so any people who have good success with tca cross please let me know your thoughts, Am i correct thing these scabs are very small within the scar - i find it really hard to see them I was expecting bigger healing scab?? nev
  11. Whats the thoughts on water on face after tca cross ? been avoiding it because i thought the small scabs that are forming in the scar might fall off, went splashed some cold water on my face because i thought it be better clean then not?????? Any thoughts from people who have had a tca cross please post nevergiveup1
  12. I think they are staring to scab in the scar area because it takes up the scar it look more noticeable I think, the Dr said a couple of days for scabs to be off and back to normal, I was pushing out inside my mouth with my toungue to help it raise but then i thought it could make it bigger by strethcing it ?? 6 times you say how often did you go, got the next 1 in 3 months time nevergiveup1
  13. Hello Brawn TCA Cross with tooth pick traveled 4 hrs back from london no scabs when i left hospital had small white marks, stayed out off the sun. Is there any stuff you put on to help recovery? Thats great news to myears brawn that they improved 70% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nevergiveup1
  14. Hello I had a appointment with Dr Chu had tcs cross - when travelled 4 hrs home, no scabs?? Is this normal ? Is there some lotion i should be using to help with the tca ? nevergiveup1