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  1. liana02

    5 Months Post Accutane

    Hello, I am glad that to hear that there re no more breakouts.... as for the oliness... That's something I'm not looking forward to :/ What kind of blotting powder do you use? do you use it over your make up?... I really hope my face is not nearly as oily as it used to be! MIne was oily within one hour after washing it! I stopped accutnae today... we'll see what it results in... What kind of laser treatment for the scarring are you looking at? I was thinking about Fraxel!... jsut finishing grad
  2. TOday I am officially off isotretinoin..... today doctor said... "Well, I think this is it".... we'll hope and see now..... Now I can only hope for no oil and no zits.... I hope I don't have to go back to anything... he said that as soon as a lot of oil comes back or I breakout I'll start on topicals or oral antibiotics. Let's hoep that doesn;t happen until 3 years from now LOL..... We'll see I'll keep you posted...
  3. liana02

    Day 70 Post Accutane

    Congratulations! I am on my 6th month and this is the first time I have not broken out! not one! so my doctor said it might be my last month... i'm a little anxious.... anyway, I am so glad to read your blog! I hope the oiliness in me doesn't come back.... I hated that..... we'll see Happy that you found a guy that loves you for who you are..... I don't know what I would do without my boyfriend... he has been very supportive all the way despite of my side effects..... I'm excited for you!
  4. What laser are you trying.... I'm considering Fraxel for the scars... let me know if it works as I have dark skin too. I thought we couldn't get laser right after accutane?
  5. I know I have not written! BUSY with school and life.... so last month I got one HUGE zit!! hUGE that took forever to go away.... I am still on 100mg. and this current month nothing... so far.... my doctor said this might be my last month with isotretinoin not sure how to feel about that..... I like my no oily hair and my no oily skin! I hate my dry lips and dry eyes..... a few weeks ago my boyfriend mentioned that because my medication intimacy has not been the way it used to be.... it's p
  6. Well my zits cleared out... funny thing is that I haven't taken my pills in 3 days LOL I forgot and I was celebrating a bachelorette party so lots of drinking.... today I am clear! my skin is looking good (except for all the scars over the years, but I can live with that). feeling good.... I hope it remains that day.... my lips are super dry but that's something I have learned to live with I'll update soon, I hope not to get zits in the next month.
  7. Karen, I hope is true! up to last week I still had huge zits... they just cleared out and my skin looks good! I hope not to get any in the next months, especially with such a high dose of Accutane now (100mg)....
  8. Well! I've been on 80mg, forever! and guess what! I'm still breakingout! Ugh I'm frustated and disappointed and idk what else to do. I saw my doctor yesterday and he said we'll go up 10 100mg a day. and see how it goes! I still get the big cystic zits! WTF??!!! I'm not happy... and i dont know what else to do
  9. So I had the appointment with my doctor. My liver is fine so we are goingt o 80 mg... hopefully is not too bad on my body, I wanted to go to 80mg anyway. I also got an increase dose on my birth control, I've been spotting a lot so I'm sick of it! in two weeks I'll start the next dose of birth control and I start with the 8-mg a day today. We will see... everything is the same, I'm breaking out as usual but nothing as bad as it was,... patience patience patience...
  10. I'm scare now! I don't want the oil to come back!
  11. Oh no!!! I really hope that doesn't come back! one amaizing thing is that my sking is not oily at all anymore!
  12. So the trip to the Havasupai Reservation was intense!!!!! I thought I was not going to make it 10+ miles to the camping site.... hiking... under the sun and heat and with a heavy load on my back. Took me and my boyfriend about 9 hrs.. oh yea blisters were involved... not cool! THe place is beautiful.. worth the hike... we saw two different HUGE waterfalls, Mooney Falls and Havasu Falls... a challenge to get to Mooney falls of course down some rocks.. totally UNSAFE! but BEAUTIFUL! ... then the h
  13. Nothing new... my lips are peeling like CRAZY! two new cystic zit but they are almost dry like a day later.. is cool.. getting ready and very anxious about my trip... the journey starts thursday afternoon....
  14. I was bad this week! I did not blog at ALL! not cool ! Anyway, I'm home in LA so that's why I didn't blog I had many things to do... So here it goes: * acne... same less zits but still getting some, yesterday a big one ont he site of my forehead, anotherone on my cheek and one by my neck. 2 of them are huge the other not so big.... not bad compared to BEFORE when they were EVERYWHERE and were HUGE. HOpefully they will disappear soon. * Lips seem to be getting worse.... I lost my aquafor fo
  15. I miss my binge drinking days....