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  1. Well, I used a product from Israel, it has dead sea minerals...it helped a lot..but then it was finished and I just left it alone for about 2 months.....by the time it was itme for the new bottle to arrive, my skin was clear and has been ever since
  2. I battled acne for 3 LOOOONG years. It was bad. And lonely. Im now happy to say Im acne free--it simply dissapeared and now all is good I havent been on this site for about almost 2 years here--Iwanted to come back and say hi. ANd you knwo what I learned ? Acne didnt matter much, and a lot of it was in my head But now I dont worry about skin anymore and im happy =) And goood luck to everyone, and you shouldn't worry about acne too much--it's really a lot just simple psycological and th
  3. So my skin is being awesome, Im just a bit bored so I've decided to come back--I havent been here in a year, wow. Point is, I have beautiful acne-free skin, but its a little uneven, darker aroudn chin area, but not seriously. I realized looking back that I didnt have bad acne at all, but still with even this good skin, I realize that the problems it caused never go away. Well, I do have more fun now with my friends, made a few more friends, its way easier to go to sleep at night, but I still am
  4. Me and my friend (girl) talking and this is what she said: Ive cleared up and I just want to say jsut something... Mayrav: You look beautiful lately, you know that? Me: Thanks? What makes you say this now? Haha, are you implying I was ugly before? Mayrav: No. Well, you look confident, happy, your eyes sparkle. Before you looked like depressed beautiful. Now you walk, and you know that youre pretty, and you walk pretty confidently Me: Thanks. My point is, walk confidently, look at people int
  5. Hilarious thread. Falter's quote also should qualify for funniest and stupidest qupte ever: look, heres what you gotta know about us men. we stick up for each other no matter what. even if we don't agree with each other. thats why we're in power and your not. ok. hahahah. well i dont want to add anything to this thread except to say darkdragon, I like your quote we're all whores at heart hahaha. I actually agree, eh? okay. enough laughing
  6. My regimen has been quite simple: I use someting called like Dead Stuff from Dead Sea (got it in Israel) It has a bit of alchol in it and other natural stuff. Ive been using it for a year when I had a bad breakout last summer. Now I am clear and have been for awhile...lets hope it stays this way yeah I tried using BP once...I am allergic to it hah and went red and scratchy, and same was like the facewash from neutrogena...but I have light fair skin so yeah
  7. Im clear. Havent been here in a long itme (even if I am here I read other posts) but I thought in my life iwas never this clear...and im only 15 and a half...and *scratches head why* but yeah I guess its the season change or something Now...Lose a buncha weight for bikini seasonnnn and then all will be fine wooooooo Im surprisde though, I had a scar on my right cheek like since the begning of this year and now its gone too. Woo. If Im clear, *liek a commercial* CHEER UP AND YOULL CLEAR
  8. I mostly read, dont post much but I gotta tell you I see myself in a lot of people and after discovering this site, I felt like I started living and not so obsessed with my mild acne so definetly less obsessed
  9. I think its disgusting that you find still happiness in it. Ive been borken, ive been there and back, and still the fact that you can still be uncomfortable in somebody's unhappiness at least for me, doesnt make me happy. FOr me , at least, if Im happy that revenge happened somehow and I am happy, I feel weak because I think it shows weakness that you cant move on past whatever happened..... I hope I made sense lol...and dont get mad at me for diff opinions
  10. 1. What is your current age/grade? 15, 10th grade 2. What kind of student are you? An average. I hate school now to be great. 3. What is your fav. class? English and History 4. Which subject do you hate? C++, and french 5. Which is your best subject? english and history 6. What after school activities are you involved in? school should die 7. What is your biggest accomplishment so far? getting into program getting out of high school and going to colelge to take classes and advancing with close
  11. Coming from a person who worked very hard to get rid of her fatness and is now happily thin Being thin, I found is I;d rather than the acne I have, tjere's so much better socially, and all the health..the acne will go away, and will go away easier (its starting to dissapear now....=D) than all the work you need to do to burn off fat, believe me, it's not fun. Now it's fun to go back at the same people that called me fat and ugly. And not neccesarily to do anything, just see them randomly,
  12. Nope. Never had, never will for a whiiile because. yes. well in high school its stupid. and im not ready for a relationship, nor do i want a stupid one. Does that mean I'm not attractive or havent dated? not at all . I want and happy to be single . I find that right now good friends are way more important for me now
  13. derm, bingooooooo no racism intended but in my opinion I go to such an asian populated ignorant school and in my opinon, I dont ever find asian people goodlooking....the only good thing they have is bodies but thats it thats just my opinion and my PERSONAL opinion...so yea dont go attacking me cause its just my opinion
  14. I kind of agree with you actually. BUt...Ill say about it later Ill make a humongous comment later...