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  1. Day seventy-five - Hey guys! Nothing new at all. I currently have two tiny pimples. They are both on my jawline on either side of my face. But they are pretty much dried up now. Basically all of my red marks have gone. I only have one that's really noticeably on my right cheek. I tried to peel off a bit of dry skin and it left a redder than red mark. Haha. But I'm fine with that! It is nothing compared to what it used to be. So yes, my face is looking so good again! And I have so much more c
  2. Day Sixty-eight - Alright! Good news, my face is clearing up nicely! I am still getting pimples on my right cheek - poor righty - but it'll be one every couple of days, if that. Righty looks a bit scarred - it's not, it just looks that was because it's a bit uneven and it's only in one spot on my cheek. Most of the red marks have gone also. I am seriously blown away. A week ago I was having the biggest cry about how my face was just red marks upon red marks and now it's not! It doesn't even m
  3. Hey, thanks guys. It means a lot to know that people feel the same way and are going through the same things. It's day sixty-two now and everything is going really well. My skin has cleared up so, so much in the last few days, I can't even understand it. Even the red marks have calmed down. It's bizarre. But maybe this is the calm before the storm? Wouldn't surprise me. The rash is also gone, again. But now I have the really strong creams to help keep it away and now that I am back on the lowe
  4. Day sixty The creams I got from my dermatologist seem to be working. I'm really upset about the red marks though. It's like my face is covered in red marks and under those red marks are more red marks. The derm told me they would take months to disappear. Which is pretty discouraging at this point, but what can I do? I honestly don't think things could possibly get any worse. But who knows at this point! Nothing else new really. Still getting pimples every day. I still pick. At this point
  5. Hey! Unfortunately I need more than just moisturizer to keep my skin from breaking out in eczema. But my dermatologist gave me some pretty strong stuff, so I'm really hoping it clears it up by Friday. I can't keep missing work because of this. I'm applying for a new job position and I really want it. It pays well and is so much fun. So I really need to go in on Friday and sit the test for it! I also bought QV cream for my face, which also helps yo prevent eczema. I just hope I am not dealing
  6. Thanks for your support. I went to see my dermatologist today. He told me it's eczema on my face. Was bought on by my higher dose and them emu oil I put on my face a couple of weeks ago. He gave me stronger steroids for my skin and told me to only take 20mg a day. So we will see how it goes. I'm really fucking over it at this point though.
  7. I called my dermatologist last night and he told me it was probably an allergic reaction to it. Great. He told me to use this steroid cream that he gave me for my eczema, so I used a bit of that two times yesterday and it seems to have cleared the red bumps, but my skin still feela awful. It feels like leather or something. This whole course has been so rough on me, when is it going to get better. I'm in my ninth week now. I just want my skin to feel okay. Not to mention I have acquired a scar
  8. Day I-don't-give-a-fuck-anymore. Well, the rash came back. I can no longer use moisturizer because it absolutely stings when I put it on. My face is a fuckong itchy, dry mess. I look a million times worse than I ever have. My skin is constantly getting worse and worse. I just don't think I can handle it anymore. It's affecting every part of my life. This medication has totally consumed me. And it hasn't done a damn thing. I seriously have no idea what to do. Every time I come on here a
  9. Some people respond really well to antibiotics though, so all you can do is wait and see if this works for you. How severe is your acne? I had moderate acne and used an antibiotic which got rid of my acne for a few years. Unfortunately it did come back, but I took the antibiotic course when I was quite young so I guess I had a higher risk of relapsing.
  10. Hey! I do indeed work for the Police. I love my job, it's so much fun But yeah, the spamming happens because I update this on my iPhone and sometimes it hates life. Haha. No! They didn't stock it at all. Weird, hey? And also, Biggs, is there anything you can recommend for a dry itch? My forehead is constantly itchy, it sort of feels like it burns unless I scratch it. And now the texture of my skin looks awful because of it. Ugh!
  11. Two months today! No changes really. I've been getting a fair few white heads. My skin feels quite rough too. And just uncomfortable. I look sunburned too! Yuck. Anyway, just a quick update because I'm at work!
  12. Two months today! No changes really. I've been getting a fair few white heads. My skin feels quite rough too. And just uncomfortable. I look sunburned too! Yuck. Anyway, just a quick update because I'm at work!
  13. I've heard some people have amazing results with it, unfortunately for me I broke out in the worst rash! Gah!
  14. It really just depends on the person. I have a high stress job, I work for the Police, so I always have to be concentrating and on the ball with it - I haven't had any problem with lack of concentration as of yet.
  15. Nope. For some people it does, for some it doesn't. I had mild acne before I started and I have been on it for 2 months an my skin is worse now than before I started. It will get better, but it got a lot worse..