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  1. I haven't posted in awhile because talking about acne when you are reminded of it daily is difficult. I have had acne for 35 years, always moderate but some cysts (and always embarrassing). Topicals have never touched my acne, only pregnancy and accutane have helped. Anyway, after many years of low dose accutane, I became concerned and emailed Gerd Plewig, the guru of low dose accutane. He told me I had been on it way too long, and I needed to give my body a break. It never really cleared me
  2. Hi Lioness,

    I'm a 46 year old who has been taking 10-20mg of Accutane weekly for 6 years now.  I have no side effects except when I up my dosage during times of stress (I'll take it 3 days in a row and have drier hair and skin.)  I would be a scarred mess by now from cysts if I did not use this medication.  I plan on using it until menopause or after if I need it.  I would only advocate this long term usage post-ALL pregnancies.  I'm assuming you are done with that chapter as well?  The blood work is annoying to get a new Rx, but so worth it not to have scars, painful cysts, and embarrassing pimples in our 40s and 50s.  Feel free to write if you have questions.  There aren't very many of us on this regimen it seems. 

  3. Hi guys. I am still on my 10mg PRN (2-3X week), but I would be clearer if I took it more often. My hip pain has now transferred to my right leg, but I've seen a PT and she thinks it is bc I am 44 and have had two huge babies for my frame. Nevertheless, the accutane keeps me looking clear to others (I can still see the little bumps that turn into blackheads.) I realize I am neurotic about this, so I try to keep my perspective and my dosage low bc of potential side effects and cost. I still s
  4. I'm a 44 year old female who has been on low dose accutane (20-40 mg/wk) for over four years now. I had two treatments of full dosing when I was younger: one in my 20s and one in my 30s. I took 12 years of antibiotics in my teens into my twenties (I greatly regret this.) Anyway, low dose accutane is the only thing that keeps me clear. I've tried birth control pills, creams, lasers, etc, but I was tired of the embarrassment, and I had started to lightly scar. I'm done having my babies, so I
  5. Jon--after treating thousands of patients through the years, I have come to believe there is rarely a "miracle cure" without at least a mild compromise or cost from taking any chemical medication. They have found accutane in sperm I believe, and I personally did not and would not try to have a baby for at least one year after taking any dose of accutane. I have no medical basis for this other than my intuition and the knowledge that this medication has been directly linked to birth defects. I
  6. Hi Jon 132-- my skin is not perfect bc I wait until the smallest bump starts before I take the next pill, but I get compliments on my skin weekly. I would not get clogged pores and oil if I took it 3 X wk. It is amazing to actually be dry! I would do your research though. This may be a bit premature, but I don't know if I would eventually father children on this dose. I've written Plewig before and he actually answered. He is the world renowned most knowledgable person on this subject. I
  7. Hi. I just thought I would help a bit, especially since there are few patients writing in about low dose regimens. I have been on low dose (10mg 1-2X wk) for 3 years now, and it has changed my life. I too suffered from itchy, chronically oily and acne laden skin for 25 years (I'm 43 now, and I'm a medical professional.) I had tried two Accutane courses previously as well as all of the creams, pills, etc., but my acne and folliculitis always returned. I have had almost no side effects other