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  1. sbeans

    Who Here Still Has Acne? Need help?

    It could be the cashews or the fruit. Fruit has alot of sugar in it, I consider it a once in awhile splurge.
  2. sbeans

    Starting to Understand My PCOS

    I haven't updated for awhile because I really wanted to pay attention to my skin and get to the bottom of why my skin was still breaking out. I've been doing alot of research on PCOS and one of it's main symptoms, insulin resistance. What I've learned is that people that have insulin resistance don't process sugar and carbs normally. Consuming sugar and carbs can increase the levels of testosterone in the body and cause breakouts. Thinking about when my skin was at it's best over the years- it's
  3. It could be insulin resistance. I was diagnosed with PCOS, and one of the biggest symptoms is insulin resistance. If I eat carbs or sugar I get red inflamed and cystic acne. I've been following the South Beach diet and it's helping alot.
  4. I would think so- the Proactive treatment is just 2.5 % BP- the cleanser has Bp in it too, and it's exfoliating, which I think helps alot. There's also a Salicylic acid toner, and the mask is sulfur based. I think Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque is sulfur based. One thing I've noticed that helps- I've taken a page from dan's regimen, and when I put the BP on at night I put ALOT on. For some reason it really works better.
  5. The best pic of you is the one without makeup- you are beautiful, especially when you smile. I'm 28- I had a kid at 16. My advice? Use this time in your life while your in school to develop yourself into a wonderful, interesting person with many hobbies and interests. There's a whole world- waiting for you to conquer it- don't settle for anything premature or superficial. It's normal to get lonely, just try not to have expectations of falling in love and commiting when your still so young!!! (cl
  6. sbeans

    Help! I have horrendous hormonal acne at age 27

    I would definitely go back. That's kind of messed up that you asked for Spiro and he gave you a contraceptive. That's one of the benefits of Spiro- the anti androgen effects without the hormones of a bcp. Keep us posted if you get the Spiro and if it works for you- good luck!
  7. Oh- one more thing- if it's really that bad, you can also go see a dermatologist- they can inject a steroid directly into it and it will clear up right away. It's only a spot treatment, but they do it for bad cysts
  8. Do NOT try to pick at it or pop it!!! Cysts are different than pustules- they go down deeper, and even if you open it up with a pin, chances are only blood will come out because it's primarily an inflammation, not an infection. Cysts can cause horrible, deep scarring, though if you try to mess with them. When I get a red inflamed breakout, I cover it in Proactive's Refining Mask 24-7. Wash with Proactive, then put the mask on and leave it all night. In the morning wash with Proactive and put the
  9. sbeans

    It's a Bad Skin Day

    Depressed today. Four new bumps after I thought my skin was getting better. I don't know why. I'm so sick of this acne rollercoaster. Still doing Proactive, & Yasmin. Did two 40% Lactic acid peels. Don't know if my latest breakouts are from the peels, stress, 'cause I've been wearing a motorcycle helmet again, or if it's just because I have crappy skin and always will. Some people wish for a million dollars. I wish for new skin.
  10. sbeans

    Differin + Retin A Micro + BP?

    10% BP is sooo harsh- it started to clear me up, but also started to make my skin look dry and aged. That doesn't make sense why your dr. put you on two topical retinoids- they both do the same thing, Retin A being a little more aggresive and a little more effective. I don't get why he wouldn't just tell you to use one or the other twice a day. Differin does have a horrible IB, but it might not be so bad if you've been on Retin A. I'd talk to a derm, though. ( and stress can def cause breakouts,
  11. sbeans

    On the regimen..again!

    Got it- thanks!
  12. Can you post a pic? Kinda hard to tell without seeing it
  13. sbeans

    On the regimen..again!

    I've heard of metformin, but I'm still new to this PCOS stuff- does it have any benefits for someone who's not trying to have kids?
  14. sbeans

    On the regimen..again!

    I'm in my late 20's and just found out I have PCOS, too- been suffering from acne for years, also. Have you thought about taking Yasmin bc? I was leary of going on bc, but it helped get my hormones balanced. Using that and Proactive has cleared me up pretty quickly. Good luck on your regimen!
  15. sbeans

    differin gel

    If it's only been 3 weeks, definitely give it time- 3 months, usually with retinoids. Differin gives you a brutal initial breakout. I had sucess with .3% Differin, years ago- it cleared me up. But recently, I was on , 1% twice a day, for 6 months and it didn't help. I think it made things worse, cause I have some scarring from the horrible initial breakout, and it made my scars and red marks look worse. I hope it works for you, but if your not cleared up in 3 months or so, I would try something