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  1. Can you tell me the site as well. WWW.testyourintollerance.com Good luck mate
  2. There are loads of places that you can get tested online, just type test your intolerance in Google and you'll find one, its really easy to do, I just paid on line and the send you a prepaid envelope and questionnaire and you send it back with a hair sample and then you get the results in 7-10 days .
  3. Hi all, I'm 32 years of age, male and always suffered with acne to a certain extent, I had accutane 10 years ago and since then my skin has never been perfect but its been manageable , I strive as most of us do for perfectly clear skin. Recently my skin has been worse than usual and the problem isn't so much getting the spot its the red marks that they leave behind so I went to drs and got some tetraylsal which Ive been on 3 weeks now and also I've had one ipl .laser treatment so far and I'm