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  1. Oh also to cover them up- if you're a guy you might not want to do this but I guess you could if you really wanted because it looks pretty natural (skipping the lipgloss part). So what I do is: - Apply plenty of my Burt's Bee's chapstick (important step or the rest will look weird on dry/chapped lips!) - Take a little dab of cream foundation on my finger - dab it right on the pimple thing right where the edge of the lip meets the skin - blend it a little bit so it looks more normal Sometimes
  2. I also have, well had, this problem, but switching from my assortment of random chapsticks to plain, original Burt's Bee's has prevented any new ones for a long time If you use chapstick, or if you're a girl it could also be any lipgloss or lipstick, then that is probably the cause.
  3. LoLo83- I'm doing manual exfoliation, but I also use a salicylic acid facewash which I think is a mild form of chemical exfoliation?
  4. Thanks guys! I have looked at the thread about fungal acne, and I'm unsure about whether or not that's the acne I have. Thanks for the tip about removing blackheads with tweezers- these bumps don't really turn into blackheads but that will be helpful for the occasional blackhead I do get and am not sure how to deal with! I have thought about hair products being the cause, but I don't use anything except for shampoo and conditioner. However I know conditioner can sometimes cause acne (shampoo t
  5. I have small, uninflamed acne all over the middle of my forehead. They are small little bumps and flesh colored and occasionally turn into whiteheads, which I then pop but it becomes a scab! if i squeeze the bumps usually some gross type of semi-hard oil plug comes out, but I try not to do that. I only wear makeup if I have a huge red zit/spot and never all over my forehead so I don't think it's from cosmetics. I exfoliate regularly and always keep my face clean. What should I do?
  6. So I have been looking at foundations as I need them for dance. I won't be wearing these everyday, just for performances, but I still want them to be healthy for my skin, and I have heard mineral makeup is better for skin than normal. So, I am considering Milani mineral foundations. Has anyone tried these? Do they clog your pores? Is there something else you recommend? Thanks is advance
  7. Also-- Should I exfoliate? How often? and is baking soda a good exfoliant?
  8. Thanks guys! Ivy- When I squeeze them- I try not to now because it usually makes it bleed and scab (yuck!)- but, if squeezed, a gross yellowy oil plug type thing comes out. stillgettingit- Maybe I'll ask at a regular doctor's appointment, and I should probably try BP too, because I've just been using SA. I already drink lots of water and no soda, so I doubt that's the problem for me. Thanks for the tips!
  9. Ok so i am in my teen years (15) and i have these small bumps in the middle of my forehead, but no where else on my face. In fact, the rest of my face is relatively pretty clear. The bumps seem like they might be "soft closed comedones". But, they don't seem to ever go away! I've had them for as long as i can remember. My t-zone is sometimes oily but it isn't too bad, so I dont know why I have these bumps! there are dozens of them. What can I do to help them go away? P.S. a trip to the dermatol