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  1. ayee420--i agree with you too, that it is harder for women to have bad skin. men can be called "rugged" and "rough" and those are compliments...not for women. a few years ago, when i had flawless skin, i fell for many guys with acne or scars. they were confident and funny and good looking (brad pitt and keanu reeves are two examples of guys with scars after all!) and i just didn't notice their skin. seriously. now that my skin has completely changed, i am hyper aware of what people's skin
  2. hello platinum! i'm of the older crowd too and still struggle with acne. mine has ranged from clear to mild to medium to severe and at its worst it left divets as well. so traumatic. birth control has been the only thing that has cleared me up completely...so i am wondering, did they just stop working for you? or did you go off of them?
  3. you know what? i think this is working! my skin looks really clear and better yet--the flaky peeliness i got with differin and dalacin t gel is gone. the initial break out is going away and my skin looks healthier than it has it months. hmm!
  4. i've done a lot of stuff to my skin to deal with scarring and have been successful with TCA cross in minimizing the damage. overall though, my skin is really blotchy and spotty and red and i want to know what is the best thing to do to combat this. Please comment on which you believe would be the best treatment: 1) 12.5% TCA peel on trouble spots 2) VBeam laser (does it break you out more though?) 3) Glycolic acid peels 4) Microdermabrasion thanks.
  5. no one uses this? am i alone? help please. getting zitty.
  6. I went on Ortho--made my acne worse. Kariva/Mircette is actually rated higher on the dermatologists' scale for helping with acne. It's one of the best, according to my derm. Ortho is actually more down towards the middle. Kariva is the ONLY thing that clears me up. It takes about 3-4 months, and you should continue your regimen, but after that, I was totally clear.
  7. i've done tca at home and it is by far the best thing i've done for my scars. i have about 40% improvement, and am going to cross more.
  8. was just prescribed this med as i have been experiencing a breakout of tons of tiny zits after going off birth control. i've read the reviews on this, and a lot of people say it is great!!! the other meds were giving me really dry skin, so my current derm said this would soften it up. have been using it for a week now, and have noticed MORE zits. is this normal and part of the process of my skin purging? anyone have experience with this topical and have the same thing happen?
  9. hey rich i had some scars similar to yours and i crossed them with TCA 100%. they became a lot shallower and less noticeable. they didn't disappear completely, but they did fill in--judging from my improved reflection in car windows. i would give it a try on a couple scars and see if it works. and i have never made a scar worse from TCA so it should be okay. i'm super conservative with it too. i cross, and wait a couple months before crossing again.
  10. Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply to all the questions. I don't have internet access in my home and it is often hard to get down to the nearest net cafe. Anyway...yes, I did cross myself. I bought the stuff online and kept it in a drawer for two months before i got the guts to use it. I crossed a medium sized scar that was isolated from the rest of my scars and waited for a week. At first, it looked great--it shrunk up and became this tiny scab. then, it looked awful, after the
  11. Just wanted to share my success story! Last year I had a horrible experience with smoothbeam that caused awful scarring on my cheeks. I always struggled with acne, but never with scarring. Devastated, I spent the next six months researching scar treatments. I tried chemical peels etc. and my scars did seem to get lighter and softer, but they always failed the Mirror Test. Basically, the mirror at my house showed improvement with its favorable lighting, but there was always one store in the
  12. hey, i don't mean to scare you off smoothbeam, but i just wanted to let you know that i had 2 treatments and it gave me the worst breakout of my life AND scarring when i never scarred before. it totally changed my face. for a month or so, i thought it was a miracle. my skin looked amazing. after another month, it became my worst nightmare. i wish i had never done it. i would really give it some thought and maybe try spot treatments a little at a time before you do your whole face just to s
  13. hey--your scars seem a bit similar to mine. i have several small, minor scars, and one large zig zag like scar on my left cheek that is shallow in some lights, horrid in car windows. believe me, do NOT think that what you see in a car window is what others see. i have seen numerous people with scars talk about their reflections in car windows, and for some reason, they are by far the worst. they exaggerate every indent. but in truth, they are not as noticeable. i first started scarring las
  14. how expensive IS this procedure? and did someone say they know someone who does it in the states?
  15. woohoo! thanks, agoff, for telling me what i wanted to hear! i cant wait to talk to a doctor about excision! i would so much rather have a linear scar and look all tough rather than have this crater in my face. i really do think they hyaluronic stuff is helping, by the way!