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  1. thanks all for the feedback. keep it coming and i hope it can inspire all of u to not give up! my acne was really severe to begin with and if i can do it, so can the rest of you. @awesomenesssquared, === : my red marks and scars are really that light now, although there is still a bit of a dent in it, but i doubt it will cause any severe scarring in the long term, i didnt squeeze them out when i first got them, so it cant be that serious. what i do to get rid of the redness, is i do a mix of b
  2. hey guys, heres an update for all of you (if you're still keen). bascially its been closed to 7 months since i got off treatment. my last dosage was 40/mg in January 2012. since then, i have been trying to maintain a good diet and stay as far away from the sun as possible. i heard that sun will be bad for post accutane at least for the first 6 months. however, being a sun lover, that sucks, but i have recently just stepped out for a nice tan! acne have not been coming back (touchwood) except fo
  3. hey bro have u tried putting apple cider vinegar on ur face? it works quite well for me, as well as baking soda as an exfoliator. try it! it fades out my marks quite a bit.
  4. lay, Jamie Ann, thank you guys for the compliment. it was difficult to see the improvement on a daily basis, but having a journal really helps u see the diff. i have about another 6 months of treatment to go, but im really trying to get them red marks to fade, u have no idea how ugly it really is. n lay, thanks for the suggestions, do you have to dilute the lemon juice with water tho? are the both of u on accutane too? hows the progress coming along??
  5. hey girl! it's my first time to your journal and i have to say your progress is looking great so far. your skin looked to have calm down and the healing is starting to kick in as we speak. very happy for you! you will be clear in no time! i am asian too and noticed that our skin tend to react badly during post acne and resulted in lots of red marks, i myself am trying to get rid/lighten them marks. i am on 40mg now, do come by my journal to have a look. my acne problems are so much worse than yo
  6. perhaps just to share with all of you a quick summary of my progression from April 13 2011- July 26 2011. Here it is! http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a240/L3s...ccutane/ba2.jpg http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a240/L3s...accutane/ba.jpg
  7. my lips are always feeling tight and dry but i use vaseline instead to get rid of them, it is pretty good but it is not lasting at all. but thankfully i live in asia and the climate isnt as dry. take my advise, do not touch ur face, i tried pickin on my face this one time and my skin reacted badly to it, tane really makes the skin behaves weirdly at this (the skin gets really vulnerable) time so do not attempt to touch ur face at all. on the whole, since its been a while, how is ur skin coming a
  8. hi i am sorry for the late reply. how is ur progess so far?
  9. Hi guys its been a while since i last post and i am now on 40mg/day for about 2weeks now. Bumps have pretty much all flatten out and for the past few months i have been concentrating instead on trying to lighten up those ridiculous looking acne marks. the remedies i use are mix of apple cider vinegar, baking soda mask, egg white mask and the occasional aspirin honey mask. does any of you have suggestion how to further fade those marks other than the methods aforementioned? the tane effects so
  10. hey man, hows it going? i always thought it wld be best to tackle the problem from both inside and outside. what i personally do is drink it (abt 5 teaspoons) with abt a litre of water and use it as a toner every morning after washing my face. however, if ure just starting out, pls dilute it with 3 parts water as it cld get stingy and burn ur skin, go slow on the vinegar. i only managed to go all 100% of the acv after 2mths of daily use. good luck!
  11. i've been using both apple cider vinegar for approximately 2 weeks now. i have had reduced redness on my post acne marks (im currently on tane) but i am not sure if it is the vinegar or the baking soda mask i have been using earlier. either way, i really saw a small improvements. i am currently using Braggs organic ACV w/ 'the mother'. i use acv as a toner after i wash my face each day and let it stay on (till i head out) and drink a teaspoon of it diluted w/ water once i wake up once or twice
  12. Thank you so much for the help rendered! I was thinking the same thing initially, i was pleading with my derm to up my initial dosage to start me off at 20mg/day min but he said he wanted to take on a more cautious approach and will prefer it that way. But, seeing the effects of tane effects at 20mg currently for me, perhaps he was right and i am glad my IB was not bad if not non-existent at all. Anyway, you mentioned acne is back for you, oh my, is it kept under control tho? I hope it is. In t
  13. thank you so much for the help and encouragement! I really hope that one day most of us if not all will get rid of this problem and face life the way we want it, clear-skin. Stay clear and happy!
  14. 4th week of treatment (3/5/2011) This is how my skin looked like during the 4th week of treatment. As u can see there isn't much progress on these but like what most had said i believe 10mg/day is not enough to expect major changes but this was also the last week im on 10mg. Just to share, the way i took my tane is that i will take them after lunch w/ plain water and hearing that it works best when it goes with a fatty meal. Therefore, i will slip in a fish oil cap during my lunch to prepare it
  15. Hey guys! I need some help here. I realise i am not able to post anymore pics because i am almost exceeding the attachment size limit of 3.91MB, is there any way i will be able to put up pics!? How do you guys do it? By compression? Pls help! Thanks!