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  1. I am 30 and have suffered with acne for over 15 years. I tried everything from testing for food allergies to probatics, fiber cleansing, antibiotics, etc... i dont think i ever had a day with out a blemish on my skin. I tried several doctors but in the city of Chicago but i would like to try someone new and good no matter the cost.
  2. I am 31 and been suffering from Acne since 13 years old so i am willing to try anything. My question is how much Zinc, Fiber, Probiotic, Fish Oil, Omega 3, etc... are we suppose to be taking? I currently bought and use ZMA (2 capsules) WellBetX (2 Capsules) Fish Oil (2 capsules) I dont think there is a change in my digestive track so not sure what i am missing or if i am taking the wrong amounts. I mostly take these supplements in morning with a bannana, instant otmeal, and a hard boile
  3. Do they make a fiber in pill form that your can recommend?