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  1. MilaL

    acne on others

    I was thinking today what I'd do without makeup and I couldn't imagine not being able to cover the redness of my blemishes. I don't think its true that acne is worse for girls than guys because of the whole 'importance of perfection' idea. I read somewhere on a message board the other day about a guy who felt so down about his acne that he couldn't go to classes anymore. I can really relate to this and if any guys are reading this then I'd just like to say that when I see a guy with skin problem
  2. Today I decided to try and simplify my skin routine. I get a lot of small pimples just to the left and the right of my nose and I've realised I get these small pimples when I dry out my skin too much or irritate it by over scrubbing and picking. I complain so much to myself how there's nothing I can do to improve my skin but infact there is, it just involves giving up some bad habits. This means picking, scratching, rubbing and over washing it- all habits I've grown too comfortable with. So an
  3. I've been worrying for a while now how my life will change next month. I got accepted into university and I am soo excited to be leaving home and starting a new life. I should be more excited though but I worry about what will happen when I have a bad skin day and just don't want to face the world. I'm moving from the comfort of my home where I could hide away for a while when my confidence hits a low because of my skin. So I've thought a lot about this and I've realised that there's no use in
  4. MilaL

    compulsive picking

    My acne is a problem, of course, but I've realised my main issue is the recovery between my outbreaks because of my excessive blemish picking. I don't get cysts and all my pimples are relatively small with whiteheads so I'm able to squeeze them. The problem though is that my skin scabs really easily and I keep picking at that small scab to try and make it look flatter and easier to cover. What happens then is that the scab just gets reallly big and damaged and takes about a week and a half to fa
  5. MilaL

    Dry skin

    I'm not actually sure anyone is reading my blogs but there is something i want to talk about today and that's dry skin. I used to have bad forehead acne but that was the only place i ever got it. Recently, after taking yasmin bcp, i have broken out everrywhere. The thing is that i really dont think it's acne, i mean it looks more like a rash. My skin is SO dry since yasmin and i've found that when i get dry skin I also get a lot of little itchy whiteheads in those areas. They clear when my ski
  6. MilaL

    story of my life

    I hate how some days everything is looking up, marks are fading and i've gone a whole day without a serious new pimple, and then just like that i'm back to square one. Okay so my acne isn't at all the worst its ever been right now, mainly because antibiotic lotions are keeping it in line, but today i have these huuge red marks on my chin from where i've gotten frustrated and picked off scabs. I know it's wrong to pick but i always think- would i prefer for the scab to be obvious for a few days
  7. MilaL

    My routine

    I'm one of those people who changes their routine around if i don't see immediate improvement. So last week i decided to actually stick to one and give it time to work, even if it gets worse before better. My doctor has prescribed me Panoxyl 5% (which is pretty much just benzoyl peroxide) and i have just started using it. The first few days my face felt so sore and red and of course i had insane amounts of flaking and peeling on my face. My skin has always been veryyy dry so i had a feeling th
  8. MilaL

    My skin background

    So i've never written about my acne before, i kind of go by 'if i ignore it, it'll go away'. Well i don't think that's working for me so I have decided to do something about it. Just to explain my situation quickly- My skin started to break out when i turned 16 and my forehead turned into a warzone for a year until I got fed up and went to my doctor who prescribed a lotion called Zineryt solution. It worked nicely for a year but then i guess i became immune to it. My acne was mild when i asked
  9. I started taking yasmin about two months ago and everything seemed to be going fine (no side effects at all) until i came to the end of my first pack. Just before I took my 7 day break, my face and neck got really itchy and red and then I started to break out all over my jawline and around my mouth and up my cheeks in little whiteheads. My skin then got so dry that it flaked about 10 minutes after putting moisturiser on. I went to my doctor and he said take a break from it and try again, so I d
  10. MilaL

    I'm not pregnant Tiredness Hormonal- stresses and emotional Serious acne flare up The only pro I could find is that I'm not pregnant. However this could just be down to the fact that the state of my face makes me avoid any contact with boys at the moment. I've taken two packs now and towards the end of the first one I experienced a breakout of small itchy whiteheads all over my jawline and cheeks. I took my 7 day break and then decided to start another pack. One week into that one