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    I'm almost hitting the 3month mark of my oratane treatment and have been just started experiencing what looks like ezema on the palm of my hands. The inside of my mouth is also very dry. The rash looks like it is ezema but I could be mistaken. Has anyone else had these side effects? My face is also starting to dry out a lot too and have been getting less of the HUGE blind type pimples
  2. angJR19

    Day 66

    My skin is looking so much better :( The dreaded oily t-zone has decreased and my skin is a lot more drier overall. Going for blood tests this week so just pls hold thumbs that everything is A ok so I can continue with the magic. Side effects are still under control. I'm getting used to living with constant back ache and my very sore lips, but it will be all worth it in the end!
  3. angJR19

    Day 96 - I could DANCE :)

    Hope i will be dancing soon too!
  4. Im on 60mg per day. Initially I was on 30mg for the first month them my doc upped the dosage as he wasnt happy with my progress. I'm hanging in there, believe me its not easy especially when you are on day 60 and no real progress. The thing is it works differently with everyone - some start clearing immediatly, some have a IB in the first month and others (like me) take a little longer i suppose! My derm has told me just to stick it out as I will eventually see results. The acne.org blog has
  5. Try using BEPANTHEN - its the best baby bum/cracked nipple cream on the market and it works WONDERS! My derm and other oratane users highly recommend it I'v had no real problem with my lips, besides from small cracks on the side of my mouth which I treat with bactroban. Take your bepanthem everywhere, and even if you're not thinking about your lips you apply it! The trick is to continually apply all day long :)Good luck!
  6. angJR19

    Day 95 - I'm SO HAPPY!

    WOW! So happy for you thats great news! No more pimples yay!!!
  7. Hi im also on oratane - its been 59 days now and still no improvement. I have had moderate acne since the age of 14 and im hoping that this will cure me for good I have just had a massive outbreak before the monthly's so I'm hoping that was my IB done and dusted. By the way, I'v also been having night sweats the past week. What daily dosage are you on?
  8. angJR19

    Day 57

    I continue to wake up with a new pimple everyday. My face seems a little dryer today but not much. Went to the derm today and he said that I just need to hang in there. The treatment works differently for everyone. I'm obviously one of the ones who will see results a lot later - but I'm sticking through this!!!! Have been experiencing a very weird side effect, which i think could be due to the oratane...Have had night sweats most of this week - anyone else had this problem? It only seems to
  9. I'm so glad everything is finally working out for you Gives me so much hope and motivation to continue and see results!
  10. angJR19

    Day 87 - looking good:)

    Hi! i have been reading through your blogs the past few days and I can totally relate! I am on day 56 of oratane treatment and am feeling very despondant as I've seen no change! I have minimal dryness apart from my nose and lips and my t-zone continues to stay oily!!!I was on 30mg per day and my doctor recently doubled the dosage to 60mg per day last week. So far I've seen no change and have now had a massive breakout all over my chin before the monthlys. My acne is very much hormanal related a
  11. Hi there! Just curious - has your acne cleared up? I'm on 60mg per day and have been on for 7 weeks now and no difference yet! Starting to get worried here...
  12. After what seems a lifelong struggle with acne since the age of 13, my doctor decided to resort to the last treatment option - oratane. I have tried everything - antibiotics, creams, birth control pills but everything only helped for limited periods. I have a very persistant type of moderate acne, which has decided to permanently locate itself on my chin and jawline area. I am now 24 and have been fighting this battle for for 11 years and am hoping and praying for the day that comes when I do